Chris Olsen shares he’s had chlamydia 3 times, and he wants to end the stigma

Popular gay TikTok creator Chris Olsen shared a video with his nearly 10 million followers revealing that he had chlamydia three times. “Stop the stigma!” exclaimed TikToker.

As the video continues, Olsen recalls his recent visit to the clinic where he usually gets tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STIs). A nurse who had examined him in the past stated that she had not seen him in the clinic for some time. He replied, “Yeah, it was a little dry in there.”

After drawing Olsen’s blood, the nurse proceeded to ask what kind he was and inquired if she could put him in with her son. According to Olsen, this is what happened next:

“I’m like, ‘Okay, roll it back, roll it again. What is his name?’ Because I know my hacking skills can find this guy in a second. When I leave, she tells me his name. When I found this guy on Instagram, I found out he was the ex of one of the guys who cheated on me last year — and in [Instagram] The story is, they’re hanging out. “

It seems TikToker isn’t interested in pursuing something with the nurse’s son since he’s been hanging out with Olsen’s ghost man in the past. Alas, Olsen was so happy that this nurse was still trying to set him up with her son.

In regards to testing for new STDs, Olsen had good news to share with his followers:

“Anyway, you just called me and I don’t have chlamydia this time. So, small wins!”

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