Car sustained major damage during a nighttime “hit and run” in Newton-le-Willows !

Full details about Car sustained major damage during a nighttime “hit and run” in Newton-le-Willows

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A parked car was severely damaged due to the failure of another vehicle to stop at the scene of the accident.

At approximately 9:30 pm on Monday, January 16, a car reportedly hit a Volkswagen Polo parked in Newton-le-Willows.

The vehicle, believed to be a large repair truck, caused significant damage to the front, rear and side of a Volkswagen, which was parked outside the owner’s home in Rob Lane.

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St. Helens Star: The rear bumper of the car was smashedThe rear bumper of the car was smashed (Photo: Imogen Hammond Williams)

The front and rear bumper, as well as the left wing mirror of the car, were smashed off, while significant dents and dents were also reported.

The accident left the owner, Imogen Hammond Williams, without a car while it was being repaired, out of pocket from an excess claim from insurance, and forfeiting its no claims bonus.

St Helens Star: Car wing mirror smashedThe wing mirror was faintly shattered (Photo: Imogen Hammond Williams)

Given the extent of the damage, Imogen will likely soon have to buy a new car, something she says she cannot afford in the current climate.

Under the Road Traffic Act, it is a legal requirement for drivers to stop and provide their data if they collide with another vehicle.

Confirming the details of the failure to stop the collision, Merseyside Police said, “Investigations are ongoing to establish the circumstances of the accident.”

St. Helens Star: Large bumps and scrapes have also been reportedSignificant bumps and scratches have also been reported (Photo: Imogen Hammond Williams)

To help with insurance costs and damages, Imogen has been in contact with other residents and local businesses in an effort to find the vehicle responsible.

She said: “I should be most grateful if there are any neighbors or passers-by who might have heard or seen anything to assist me in my search for the person who might have committed this crime.

“Accidents do happen, and I fully acknowledge that, but the fact that the person didn’t leave any of their information out put me in a terrible position.”

St. Helens Star: The hit-and-run has left Imogen in his pocketHe left the hit and run Imogen in his pocket (Photo: Imogen Hammond Williams)