All the Singers to Perform at the 2023 Grammy Awards (Soar)

The 2023 Grammy Awards will take place onebruary 5 at the Arena in Los Angeles. This year, artists like Beyoncé, Adele, Lizzo, Steve Lacey, and Brandi Carlile received plenty of nominations in some of the ceremony’s top categories.

Namely, the nominees for Album of the Year are ABBA a tripAdele 30Bad Bunny Un verano cin tBeyonce RenaissanceMary J Blige Good morning beautifulBrandi Carlisles These silent daysColdplay Balls musicKendrick Lamar Mr. Spirits and Big SteppersLizo Specialand Harry Styles Harry’s house.

With so many LGBTQ+ artists atop the charts throughout 2022 and nominated in multiple categories for the 2023 Grammy Awards, quite a few of them were already expected to perform at the ceremony. Luckily, several gay artists have already been booked to perform at this year’s Grammys!

Scroll to check out the artists performing at the 2023 Grammy Awards, which will airebruary 5 on CBS.

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