TS Madison defends Beyoncé after controversial performance in Dubai

Queen Bey is back, but not everyone is happy with how she did it. Now, Ts Madison comes to her defense.

In her first live performance in five years, Beyoncé headlined a private concert in Dubai at the opening of the luxury hotel, Atlantis, The Royal. Of course fans are hoping to get a ride from the legend after her album release Renaissance last year.

Unfortunately, a possibility Renaissance The tour isn’t the biggest story to come out of the performance.

Some fans and chief spokespeople criticized Beyoncé for her performance in the United Arab Emirates, a country with strict laws banning homosexuality. ans are particularly angry about her latest album, Renaissanceheavily influenced by ballroom and disco culture and featured a lot of gay artists.

Now actress Ts Madison is applauding again, calling out these critics for having eclectic standards.

“So you guys are mad at @Beyonce when she tours US states that have anti-LGBTQ laws? Or are you gone still getting your tickets?” she tweeted. “Selective rage is working in my #relaxingnerves.”

last year, Thirteen states have passed laws limiting the rights of LGBT people. States like Alabama,lorida, Georgia, Utah, Iowa, Arizona, South Dakota, South Carolina, and Indiana have laws that range from limiting the amount of gay history teaching a teacher can do, to banning changes to birth certificates, and allowing adoption providers to discriminate against LGBTQ+ people.

In addition, Beyoncé’s performance was not in support of the United Arab Emirates, but rather for a private company operating in that country.

Other celebrities, most notably David Beckham, signed a deal with the Qatari government as part of a sponsorship deal to publicize the recent World Cup there. Qatar has similarly strict anti-LGBT laws as the UAE.

Queen Bey has not announced a supporting tour Renaissance Not yet, but once you do, tickets will sell out instantly, and LGBTQ+ fans will be a major reason why.

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