Todrick Hall Open Letter pens after Realriends for the WeHo premiere

After weeks of negative backlash online, WeHo real friends The first episode finally aired on MTV this past weekend, and the response was exactly what was expected — not good.

Immediately after the premiere, cast member Todrick Hall posted a 10-page handwritten message to his Instagram where he said he had to mentally prepare for the “crazy outpouring of hate coming my way”.

The letter goes on to claim that the LGBTQ+ community has caused more resistance to the program than any other community.

He also asked people to focus on queer representation, saying, “Gays are creating petitions to get a queer show off the air, instead of focusing on the other 165 hours of the week when representation is either nonexistent or nonexistent.”

A few days later, Hall returned for another 4-page handwritten letter where he directed the comments saying “We don’t want to see a bunch of rich, proper, privileged gay men.”

These comments, to Hall, beg the question, “Why are we happy to watch the Rich Kardashians or The Real Housewives, but we just want to watch gays as underdogs, not so well off, not so confident?”

Hall detailed a video from a local WeHo gay club real friends During the premiere to be met with cheers from the crowd. Hall equates the reaction to the booing of Trump and wonders why society is against itself when everyone else is against us, too.

In response to diversity, Hall admits there could be more on the show, but there wasn’t a whole lot of gay celebrities to begin with. He ended the speech with, “Fun fact: The median annual income for gay men in the United States is $59,618 compared to $57,032 for straight men. We are successful, we work hard, and we deserve to see ourselves thrive on television.”

Comments on Hall’s two posts have been met with both support and backlash.

WeHo real friends New episodes airriday nights on MTV.

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