TheCC issues a “cease and desist” to stop targeted mortgage fraud

TheCC took action Tuesday — its The second cease and desist order related to robocalls this year – “To close a clear homeowner focused robocall scam campaign,” According to a statement.

Florida-based real estate brokerage MV Realty is accused of conducting a potentially illegal robocall campaign called “Millions of people are in the National Do-Not-Call Registryand left millions of pre-recorded voicemail messages. The automated calls and pre-recorded voicemail messages included “letters offering homeowners several hundred to several thousand dollars in exchange for signing an exclusive 40-year listing agreement with MV Realty,” according to FCC.

The company appears to have used calling platform PhoneBurner, which then sent the traffic to voice service provider Twilio, to make the spam calls. TheCC’s office of enforcement has identified 11,949,374 calls made to DNC numbers on record by PhoneBurner and MV Realty.

Although it is not theCC’s job to take direct action against MV Realty and its business practices, it can stop suspected illegal robocalls. TheCC’s enforcement office on Tuesday ordered PhoneBurner to stop facilitating robocalls and sent a cease and desist letter to Twilio demanding that the company no longer place the calls. Twilio is now the largest voice service provider that has received a cease and desist letter from theCC, according to the statement.

FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel commented on the action, saying, “Mortgage scams are some of the most harmful types of robocalls we see. Sending these unsolicited calls to financially stressed homeowners simply to offer them deceptive products and services is unacceptable.” Reasonable. That’s why we’re closing those calls now.”

TheCC received about 1,500 spam call complaints related to mortgage services in 2022. The representative was unable to comment on how many, if any, of those complaints were linked to MV Realty.

MV Realty did not respond to a request for comment.