Skyrim Unarmed Building Guide (2023)

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Skyrim is a hugely popular Elder Scrolls saga where players are constantly finding new and innovative ways to play. The game is very popular in modding circles, but you can always find alternative and fun ways to have fun without touching the game files. One such method is to face opponents bare hands. This guide will help you achieve a viable physique that will leave your opponents battered and bruised!

Bruiser Barefisted Building Guide in Skyrim

Crafting a bruising build that focuses on fingerless combat is a complex challenge because Skyrim is focused on weaponry and magic combat. The developers only gave it the possibility of fighting with fists, but they considered it only as a last resort. It is still possible. However, you will need to lower the difficulty and build your entire character around it. It is the only way to achieve this build without resorting to modifying the game.

Race selection for bare-handed construction in Skyrim

Argonian and Khajit are the races most suitable for this type of build in Skyrim. Starting as either of these two races gives you a bonus to unarmed damage. These are the starting points for unarmed damage for each:

Your choice between the two isn’t mandatory for that matter, but it will help things a lot, especially early in the game.

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Choosing Naked Building Armor in Skyrim

The choice of bare hull armor in Skyrim should always be Heavy Armor. Theists of Steel heavy armor skill tree feature will give you extra unarmed damage points based on your heavy armor gauntlet rating. This feature will be the main source of damage in this build. Also, the unarmored build isn’t perfect by any means, so you’ll definitely benefit from Heavy Armor protection.

Choosing a blacksmithing skill for bare-handed masonry in Skyrim

You will need to invest in blacksmithing if you choose to build without hands in Skyrim. This skill will give you access to the best set and gauntlets of heavy armor without resorting to randomly drawing luck while looting. The best armor sets become extremely rare as you progress through the game, and fighting without a weapon will be an uphill battle even without suboptimal equipment to help you out. Needless to say, you’ll want to reach for the Dragonplate armor eventually.

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Skyrim Unarmed Build Guide (2023)