Roblox All of Us are Dead Codes (Jan 2023)

The high school football team has been transformed into brain-eating zombies in We’re All Dead. You will need to survive as long as possible to get better weapons and equipment. The crowd will surround you if you’re too slow, and sometimes there will be a zombie boss to spoil the party. Do you have the survival skills to survive? The codes you can claim for All of Us Are Dead will grant you tickets. Tickets are used to purchase new equipment and weapons to help you fight off the zombie invasion. Use these tickets to get a stronger weapon to help you in the beginning of the game.

Roblox all of us dead code list

Updated January 24, 2023

The page has been refreshed.

We are all dead codes (working)

Here’s a look at all the works that we’re all dead doing symbols.

  • Like 20 kilos—Refund 80 tickets (new)
  • 20 kg– Recover 300 blue flames
  • 10 kilos– Recover 300 blue flames
  • Like 10 thousand—Refund 80 tickets

We are all dead codes (expired)

these We are all dead The icons no longer work.

  • There are currently no expired All of Us Are Dead codes.

How to recover Roblox we are all dead codes

Redeem codes in We are all dead easy. ollow our guide below.

Redeem the symbol text box for Roblox All of Us Dead
Image courtesy of Pro Game Guides
  1. Launch all of us dead.
  2. Move your character to gift box on the earth.
  3. text box for symbols Will appear.
  4. Enter the code in writing box.
  5. tap on green enter button to redeem your reward.

Other ways to get free rewards in Roblox All of Us Dead

To get the latest codes from the developer zhi2008zhujoin them WeStudio Roblox Collection. Since the developer is not active on social media, they will usually post any new codes on the game page when the game is updated. Depending on their history, they seem to add a major update or a new code for every 10,000 likes.

If you are looking for other ways to get coins quickly, you will need to check out the daily missions in the game. You can check these by addressing the task list icon on the left side of the screen after starting the game. Daily rewards are usually simple tasks like using a specific weapon to kill zombies and usually award anywhere between 20 to 100 coins!

If you are looking for codes for other games, we have a lot of them in Roblox game codes Mail! You can also get a bunch of free stuff on our site Roblox promo codes page.

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Roblox All of Us Are Dead Codes (January 2023)