Pennsylvania receives $6.8 million for school meal programs

Pennsylvania (WHTM) – US Sen. Johnetterman of Pennsylvania announced a new $6.8 million deal with the US Department of Agriculture and Pennsylvania that will increase purchases of nutritious, local foods for school meals.

With the new program, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) will be able to procure and distribute various regional foods and beverages that will feed children through the National School Lunch Programs and School Breakfast Programs.

Different products will be healthy, but also unique to each region. The program hopes to forge new relationships between schools and local farmers, as well as improve childhood nutrition.

“This funding is a game-changer. It will source high-quality food from Pennsylvania’s best growers in business and expand food choices for our children in school. This is an example of Washington working and delivering to the people of Pennsylvania,” said Sen.etterman.

The USDA says the new agreements will allow organizations flexibility in food design and procurement, and encourage partnerships with local farms and ranches. The program will also allow disadvantaged producers/processors the opportunity to sell their products.