ARK Thylacoleo – Handbook of Taming,eeding and Breeding

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When playing ARK: Survival Evolved, you will come across a large tiger-like creature known as Thylacoleo. They are mainly found in the Redwoodorest biome and have proven to be very powerful mounts. Thylacoleo is incredibly aggressive and will attack anything in sight. They also have the ability to climb at angles of 90 degrees, which allows you to climb trees while on the back of a tame person.

How to tame Thylacoleo in ARK

Before you can tame a Thylacoleo, you have to catch one. Set some bear traps after you find one, and get within their field of vision. Once she locks eyes with you, you’ll want to lure her toward the bear trap. Once he’s caught in the trap, you’ll want to shoot him unconscious and feed him too Cable or raw meat put it in stock. you can use drugs in order to ensure that they stay down until they are tamed.

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How toeed Thylacoleo in ARK

Feeding one of these dinosaurs is as simple as putting food in its stock. However, Thylacoleo are omnivores, similar to Pteranodon, which means there are certain foods they enjoy more than others. We have listed them all below:

  • Unusual cable
  • Raw mutton
  • Prime raw meat
  • Prime raw fish meat
  • raw meat
  • raw fish meat

How to Breed Thylacoleo in ARK

In order to breed Thylacoleos, players must first ensure they have both a male and a female and their enclosure must be spacious enough to accommodate both. Players can then start breeding by setting the dinosaurs on wandering or by choosing Husband option, although it is important to note that the player must be present during the spawning process or it will be interrupted.

The reproductive period for Thylacoleos ranges from 18 to 48 hours, and once mating is successful, the female Thylacoleo will be pregnant for about 4 hours. After this time, players can expect to welcome a newborn Thylacoleo. As a baby, the dinosaur would need extra care in the form of food that would be placed in its stock for 5 hours after it was born. Players must also keep in mind imprint periods, which occur every 8 hours, in order to maximize a child’s stats.

Once Thylacoleo reaches juvenile state, it will be able to feed itself from troughs. The total maturation time for this dinosaur is about 2 days and 1 hour.

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ARK Thylacoleo – Taming,eeding, and Breeding Guide