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Nearly 2,000 ambulance staff have embarked on another day of strike as a bitter row over salaries for NHS staff shows no sign of resolution.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said on Monday he was unable to “wave a magic wand” and that giving pay increases to striking staff would draw money from “elsewhere in the NHS budget”.

But he insisted that the government would continue to “engage in dialogue with the unions”.

It comes as nearly 2,000 ambulance workers in the northwest of England have begun a new strike.

The GMB union said paramedics, emergency care assistants and liaisons began their 24-hour checkout just after midnight on Tuesday.

“Northwest ambulance workers are outraged,” said GMB representative and Northwest Ambulance Service paramedic Paul Turner.

Instead of talking about paying this year’s wages to resolve this dispute, ministers are tarnishing our image and diminishing our efforts to save lives.

“The NHS is falling apart, but we are waiting two weeks today for another meeting with ministers.

The only way to resolve this dispute is to offer a suitable payment. we are waiting.”

This is the second day of the strike for ambulance employees in the area after the withdrawal of members of the unions Younis and Unite on Monday.

North West Ambulance Service said that “resources will be severely restricted” as it urged the public to call only in life-threatening emergencies.

On Monday, the prime minister told ITV News: “Take a step back, of course it would be nice to be able to wave a magic wand and give everyone what they ask for when it comes to payment.

But my job as prime minister is to make the right decisions for the country, and they are often not easy decisions.

“But this is my job, and this is what I will always do in this job, and… when you think about this, how do we pay for this stuff? Where is the money going to come from?”

“In fact, it probably has to come from somewhere else in the NHS budget, and that means fewer nurses, fewer doctors, fewer MRI and CT machines diagnosing people with cancer or indeed fewer ambulances.” The mental health we’re announcing today that will save people from going to A&E.

“My job is to balance all of those things and do what I think is right for the country.”

But he said the government would continue talks with unions.

It follows a day of strikes by thousands of ambulance workers across England and Wales on Monday.

Combined strikes in earlyebruary could lead to the biggest strikes the NHS has ever seen.

Thousands of nurses and ambulance workers are scheduled to strike onebruary 6 if no agreement is reached by then.

And as nurses go on strike onebruary 7, they will be joined by midwives in Wales.

Members of the Royal College of Midwives in Wales are set to hold an eight-hour strike from 8am to 4pm but will provide ‘bank holiday cover’ for women in labour.

Health Secretary Steve Barclay has described “constructive conversations with unions about the wage payment process for next year 2023/24”, but unions are calling for a review of the wage award for 2022/23.