Adam Lambert explains commentary on George Michael’s casting

Last week, Adam Lambert made headlines when he commented on an Instagram post from Outsidesister publication Lawyer Around white lotus Co-star Theo James looks to the role of George Michael in a rumored biopic, saying, “Hooray another straight guy playing a gay icon” with an emoji.

photo: Instagram (@theadvocatemag)

Now, the Grammy-nominated singer is making it clear what he meant when he sat down variety at this year’s Sundanceilmestival to promote his upcoming film Fairylandsaying that it would be “ridiculous” to be serious about such a claim.

“My actual comment, my sarcastic little comment,” he said, “was an outspoken actor playing a gay icon, which I think is a little different.” “I in no way believe that gay characters can only be played by gay actors. That would be ridiculous. Case in point: Scott’s fantastic performance in this movie.”

“This movie” in reference to Fairyland, which starred Scoot McNairy as a bohemian dad in 1970s Sanrancisco. Lambert points to McNairy’s performance as evidence that gay men don’t always need to play gay characters.

“I think that as an eccentric person, many doors have been closed to us for a long time,” he said. “It’s a huge step forward to have these stories told, but I hope in the future you’ll see an outside actor who’s also able to take an outside lead role. I just want some level playing field.”

Later in the interview, Lambert also said that homophobia was “most likely” the reason he lost the eighth season. American Idol Chris Allen crown.

“That was 10 years ago,” he said before calling attention to the film. “The thing about our movie is that even though it’s set in the ’70s, there are a lot of current ideas. LGBTQ people are once again under attack by the conservative part of our country.”

FairylandWritten and directed by Andrew Durham and based on Alicia Abbott’s 2013 memoir, it premieres at the 2023 Sundanceameestival on January 20.

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