A parody of “SNL” and “M3GAN 2.0” by Aubrey Plaza

Saturday Night Live And Aubrey Plaza brought back the eerie horror icon M3GANor a new gay graphic this past weekend.

Plaza was hosting SNL With musical guest Sam Smith (and a special appearance from Kim Petras) over the weekend, it’s her first time hosting the legendary comedy show.

SNL She took advantage of her eccentric apron as host and dressed herself up, complete with blue contact lenses, as a remake of the killer doll whose movie shattered box office expectations.

In the drawing, she plays Plaza M3GAN 2.0 opposite Chloeineman as the original M3GAN in a trailer for a new car M3GAN sequel.

M3GAN It’s one of the strongest films at the box office, and it captivated one demographic above all: gay men, says the trailer for the sequel to “Slapping Together.”

Plaza M3GAN 2.0 She really is the toughest movie version of her self, and that makes gays love her even more. She offers them poppers, spins, dunks, calls them ‘homos’, and threatens them with violence. And they love every second of it!

M3GAN 2.0. This one’s for the gays,” actually!

Unfortunately, the sketch doesn’t quite reach the levels of campiness or gay iconography that the original film achieved, and that the true sequel (due for release in 2025) will no doubt reach.

The highlight of the sketch is the appearance of the film’s star, Allison Williams, at the gay bar, warning customers to stay away from M3GAN.

“Oh my God. Are you from the show the girls?? Buen Yang asks.

“Oh yeah, I ate your ass! That’s so cute! Join us!” says another gay man.

After Williams nervously asked, “Even though I’m straight?” Yang raises his cup to her and says, “Mama, if you’re eating your ass on TV, you’re an ally, sister!”

In real life, the sequel is titled M3GAN 2.0 It has already been announced. And with Williams and Violet McGraw (who plays the girl M3GAN with) returning to star and screenwriter Akeelah Cooper (who also wrote malignant) rewrite the script, it will certainly be as good, if not better, than the first.

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