11 men wore skirts and dresses on the red carpet

very famous Batman And twilight Robert Pattinson made headlines recently when he attended the Diorall-Winter 2023-2024 menswear show during Parisashion Week wearing a blue tweed skirt. Oscar-winning actor Brad Pitt also made headlines not long ago when he appeared in a preview of his 2022 film. Express train In Berlin in a brown linen skirt and top by Hans-Nicolas Mott. While we love the idea of ​​men embracing fashion choices beyond the boring black suit, these two stars are hardly the first male stars to wear a skirt while out on the town. Just ask queer icon and acting legend Billy Porter, who has been known to rock fabulous dresses!

Scroll on to see more Hollywood A-List men who have worn skirts or dresses on the red carpet over the years!

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