When do you unlock each emblem inire Emblem Engage?

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For fans of the series,ire Emblem Engage is a long trip down memory lane. Other than being huge sources of nostalgia, Emblem rings can give units access to some very powerful skills. In this case, the smart thing for players to do is plan when they get each emblem so they know which units should wear the ring, what skills they want, when they get them, things like that.

Note: Major spoiler warning for the plot ofire Emblem: Engaging

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Players get to Marth right at the start ofire Emblem Engage. He’s set with Alear because he’s adept with swords, but other characters could definitely use the Avoid skills that Marth brings to the table.


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Lumeria uses Sigurd’s ring during the tutorial Chapter 2. Despite this, players can’t use it themselves until Chapter 4. Sigurd’s movement skills make him great on characters with spikes like Alfred.


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One of the Lords fromire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Celica will be made available during Chapter 4. The ring is initially placed on Celine, with which she can use magic spells. Celica’s ring allows her to loop across the map.

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Micaiah fromire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Obtained during Chapter 6. Her ring is given to Yunaka, who can help illuminate dark areas with her wide vision and Micaiah’s shining spell.


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Roy fromire Emblem: The Binding Blade is the ring entrusted to the Kingdom of Brodia. As such, it is obtained when Diamant joins the team in Chapter 8. This isn’t a bad pairing because Roy significantly raises the unit’s damage output.


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The protagonist fromire Emblem: Thracia 776, Leif, actually appears in the same chapter as Roy. Ivy from the Elusian Army comes with the Ring of Leif, and the player can access it by defeating her. Leaf comes with several weapon proficiencies.


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The end of the tenth chapter leaves the caravan and company without any episodes. In the next chapter, though, Ivy switches sides from Elusia and introduces two rings, one of which is Lucina’s ring fromire Emblem: Awakening. Her All for One skill can do massive damage if the player manages to put their units together.


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At Ivy’s disadvantage, Lyn (fromire Emblem: The Blazing Sword) is the other ring she gives to Alear and company. The Lin Ring was considered an heirloom in the Ivy family, and it came with an extremely powerful arc attack with huge range.


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Ikki’s ring was entrusted to the Kingdom of Salem. Players can access it before Chapter 13 by talking to the Queen of Salem. Ike greatly increases a character’s defense if they use his ring.

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The hero fromire Emblem: Three Houses, Byleth, is initially associated with Hortensia. Alear holds on to it after defeating Hortensia in Chapter 14. Byleth’s Goddess Dance can grant an extra turn of four units.


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Corin fromire Emblemates joins Alear in Chapter 15. Corin’s ability to use Dragonangs is a key mechanic that allows players to travel through the corridors in that chapter.


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After Horencia defected at the end of Chapter 14, her servants, Rosado and Goldmary, decided to defect as well. They give the ring to Eirika fromire Emblem: The Scared Stones when they join Chapter 16. Players who have this ring can use either Eirika’s Lunar Brace or Ephraim’s Solar Brace.

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When do you unlock each Emblem inire Emblem Engage?