The best fire witch talent is built into WoW Dragonflight

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Are you looking forward to playingire Mage in Dragonflight, but not sure how to build it? Maybe you feel that the damage is really low, and you are looking for a design to boost it. You’re probably aware ofire Mage’s general shortcomings and still have a passion for playing it anyway. If you have to ask any of these phrases, you are in the right place. Here’s a talent build you can get behind until Blizzard gets the ball rolling with buffs forire Mage in WoW Dragonflight.

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The most powerfulire Witch Talent builds in WoW Dragonflight

You may have noticed the absence of an “s” to define the plural at the address above. This is because theire Mage in Dragonflight currently only has one talent that is applicable across all forms of content. Specs have many dead talents and many of them are just a net loss of spent talent point. However,ire Mage, as a specialization, lives and breathes through combustion The power to cause any meaningful harm. Knowing this, building follow-up talent places great emphasis on keeping burn as low as possible:

Fire pool Building the Sun King

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As the title suggests, this talent build focuses on crowning talent, Blessing of the Sun King, in order to maintain active combustion as long as possible. This ability allows you to activate mini-burn after eight Hot-Streak related cuts. Burning is a huge damage buff to aire Mage, so it must be kept active with Sun King’s Blessing, as well as the following ignite Damage from boosting fire spells, allows this spec to shine in DPS if you can maintain it well. Other key talents/abilities include:

  • Talisman of strength – Significantly increased damage by 40% to all compensatory damage while you are standing in it
  • Energy conversion – Reduces the cooldown of all spells through its channel. This is used to reduce combustion and rune of power cds

This major weakness of the specification is its total reliance on combustion uptime. Your damage will be very bad if you can’t sustain burning for long periods of time. as, We highly recommend the Haste over Crit stack So you can get as many throws as possible in the shortest amount of time. The Sun King Blessing is theire Mage’s only saving blessing currently, so learn to use it well or you’ll fall into DPS obscurity. If this changes, we will update this guide for any new designs that become applicable.

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Bestire Mage Talent builds in WoW Dragonflight