Portico Vine ARLFC looks forward to an ‘exciting’ year !

Full details about Portico Vine ARLFC looks forward to an ‘exciting’ year

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The flooded Community League Rugby Club thanked the community for mobilizing support to help them.

Portico Vine ARLFC, based on Scholes Lane, enjoyed an ‘incredible’ year in 2022, which saw the doors open for its new club.

However, just before Christmas, in one of the club’s old buildings, there was a great flood of the changing rooms, officials’ room and storeroom.

Community’s ‘heroic’ response

A “heroic response” by club volunteers and members of the public saw some items rescued and an online fundraiser was held to support the club.

Chairman Mark Houben said: “The emergency response was supported in person and online, and fortunately we saved some of our equipment and goods.

“The recovery phase is underway and we have been supported by volunteers, local businesses and through some great online donations to help fund needed repairs before the new season begins.

“Thank you to everyone who has helped us, with a special thanks to Violet-Grace Gift for their great donation.”

Porticoine ARLFC

Portico is now looking forward to next season, for an “exciting” 2023.

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“We’ve had a busy two weeks in starting the enrollment process for next season, coaches working through their rehab requirements and new recruits moving forward to fill in some of the gaps from last year,” Mark added.

“We welcome new players and new families joining our seasoned stars.”

Porticoine ARLFC

Porticoine ARLFC

Plans for 2023

The club has unique events planned for this year including Neon Bonkers Bingo Night, Talent Show, Medium/Psych Night and Comedy Night.

Mark says the club is “committed to putting these events at the lowest possible cost so more people can enjoy them”, and understands “the demands of everyday life right now”.

Porticoine ARLFC

Porticoine ARLFC

He added, “We are running some important projects off the field this year, subject to external funding, including; a floodlight project, investment in solar panels to become more energy efficient, new playground care products, a memorial garden, more CCTV and volunteers.” It is a do-it-yourself project where we will increase the number of changing rooms to accommodate the Girls/Women’s Rugby League from Scholes Lane.

“We have secured several partnerships within our local community, in line with our Community Hub strategy and vision. We will be hosting community coffee mornings, each with a different theme so as to bring people together in a safe and caring environment.

“Our close relationship with St Helens Police and Merseyside Police has developed so they will now use our club to offer six weekly ‘surgeries’ so that members of the community can talk face to face with their local officers. This will develop into bespoke events such as bike tagging, crime prevention seminars and family fun days.” .

Merseyside Police Chief Serena Kennedy at Porticoine ARLFC

Merseyside Police Chief Serena Kennedy at Porticoine ARLFC

The club also works with DOCIA Sport, Willowbrook Hospice, Violet Graces Gift, People Empowered CIC, Teardrops, Merton Bank Women’s Refuge, The Doyle Phillipsoundation, Saints Community Developmentoundation, St Helens Borough Council and the British Police Rugby League Team, with many Exciting plans for this year and beyond.

Porticoine ARLFC

Porticoine ARLFC

Mark highlighted the Rugby League Supporters Club for their “unwavering support” of the club.

The club has accepted an offer from Sport England ClubMatters to present it as a national case study, detailing Portico’s “growth, our commitment to working alongside the community” and how the club will be “promoted across the country as ‘best practice’ – and not just within community rugby league – But all community sports.”

Porticoine ARLFC

Porticoine ARLFC

On top of that, we were invited to speak at a comprehensive, cultural and values ​​seminar with the workforce of professional sporting bodies such as the Rugbyootball League, Englandootball Team, England and Wales Cricket Board, England Netball and others. Vine Portico.

Hand in hand, this is just a small snapshot of what happens behind the scenes.

“We continue to review our policies and practices, learn from each other, and support each other, yet we remain committed to ensuring that every child has the right to shine and that we will continue to pursue the next dream as a team.

“We’re really keen to get our kids more involved in the running of the club this year.”