“Massive plans” for The Dam while rebranding it into a restaurant !

Full details about “Massive plans” for The Dam while rebranding it into a restaurant

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There are big plans in store this year for The Dam in St Helens as it gets rebranded into a bar and grill.

The Dam Bar and Grill, formerly The Boathouse, had a management change in 2020 and is now on its way to becoming a restaurant.

The Garwood Old Road site was once a tea room, however, since re-branding in September, “huge plans” are set to come to fruition for the dam in 2023, including alterations to help families in the cost-of-living crisis.

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Thierry Bideau, who became manager in July 2020, said: “We want to compete with other big chain restaurants but make it more affordable for everyone.

“It’s a huge deal now and we’re very aware of the area we’re in and not everyone has extra money now.

“We had to adjust to the cost of living, so we had to make ourselves more approachable to members of the public and we needed to become a family-friendly place.

“People have less money, so when they go out to spend it, it has to be for the right reasons and they have to get the right amount of it, so we want them to be able to spend the day with us and give them everything they need in one visit at the lowest cost we can give them.”

St. Helens Star: The Bar and Grill is surrounded by a scenic view The bar and grill are surrounded by a picturesque view (Image: Google Maps (Tony C))

Since then, The Dam Bar and Grill has teamed up with Amy’s Sweet Treats to bring you traditional recipes with absolutely no additives and a restaurant menu.

Terry added: “When we originally took over Marfara it had the reputation of a tearoom, and we need to change all that aspect now that we are a restaurant, providing high quality restaurant food.

“Collaborating with Amy was important to us; in the past, we’d bought cakes from big companies, but collaborating with a local means people are more appreciative of what they’re eating.”

uture plans for the bar and grill have yet to be announced.