Lancaster County Historic Dutch Haven Bakery, Amish Shop for Sale

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pennsylvania (WHTM) – Historic Lancaster County Bakery and Amish shop is up for sale.

according to List of real estateReal estate, including Haven Schofly Dutch Pie Bakery in the Ronx, is listed for sale at $2,399,000.

Five properties on the 2800 block of Lincoln Highway E. are included in the listing on Route 30 which include the bakery with a 96-pattern commercial oven, commercial mixer, pie presses, and other bakery equipment.

The second building is a former Jakeys BBQ Restaurant, measuring 2,688 square feet and seating 112.

Part of the store ‘Amish Stuff’ is also listed, as is a listed vacant house in disrepair. The Amish Stuff store has an area of ​​2,800 square feet plus an enclosed porch that is used as a sales area. The building has a hydraulic elevator and 22,500 square feet of living space on the second floor.

In total, the land for sale is 3.53 acres in the town of East Lampeter.

according to Dutch Haven websiteThe store is temporarily closed. Dutch Haven has been open since 1946 and the buildings were constructed in the 1920s.

The original building was theranklin’s Windmill Inn, according to HCPs that sell ice cream and petrol.

The fake windmill was designed to “play around with the false relationship of ‘Dutch’ Pennsylvania with Holland.”