Keri Colby talks about watching Sasha Colby on ‘Drag Race’ and her new show

Kerry Colby has become a sensation and an international superstar since his debut RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14. A year after her big break, she will see her legendary mom, Sasha Colby, star in Season 15.

In 2023, Colby is getting her own digital series on WOW Presents Plus, Kerry Cares, where she will share her “top tips and secrets for staying sane and practicing self-care, while also revealing stories from her past.” Special guests on the show include Silky Nutmeg Ganache, Ongina, Mayhem Miller, and Arisce Wanzer.

during an interview with OutsideColby spoke about her inspiration and intentions behind it Kerry Caresthe importance of her fans, the KerBears, in crafting this brand new series, and what her experience has been like watching Sasha Colby as a contestant on drag race.

Kerry Cares Premieres January 25th on WOW Presents Plus.

Out: You are a very knowledgeable person and a very interesting person to watch. How was your experience doing a show like Kerry Cares?

Kerry Colby: Oh my God! Well, to me, that’s a fever dream, right? I think even going to drag raceMy goal was to make a splash, make a good little tidal wave, and create something that I could continue to connect with my people, my tribe, and the world with, honestly. I want to continue to make a difference there through humor and education and through experiences gained and shared…

I don’t think it came as a surprise that when my time on Season 14 came to an end, I guess I wanted to see more of myself. And I think a lot of people felt the same way. So I called Wonderland and they were like, “Hey, what can we do?” What is your plan? Have you ever thought about what your next steps are? And I’m a very scheming person, so I was like, “Baby, I’ve got a list for you.” So we started talking about the idea of ​​coming up with an idea for a fun TV show, a talk show. We were kind of throwing away concepts and stuff, and I wanted to do something different and unique that combined some of my favorite platforms: opera Meets SNL Meets Ziwi kind of a hybrid.

Instead of being like, “I’m going to give you a bunch of my thoughts and what I think and what I want,” I wanted to create a show where I could connect with my fans, KerBears. They’re so much fun, they have a lot of questions, and I get a lot of IMs from people asking me things from fashion to home-related issues to relationship advice. So I was like, “Okay, why don’t we use this and be constructive here and use KerBears to really build the platform and foundation of this offering.”

From the show’s concepts to the questions to the guest interviews, he really came and was born from the KerBear fanbase, and I think that’s what’s going to make it interesting. It is our people who ask the questions they want to know. It’s all so much fun because I’m answering someone’s real question versus made-up dilemmas.

You love talking to and about your KerBears and I think it’s so nice and cool that you can now talk to them directly at Kerry Cares. But I’m also wondering, how would you describe this show to people who might not be KerBears yet but might be interested in watching it?

I feel whether you are familiar with me or not before watching Kerry CaresThis show will be engaging, educational and inspiring for you. I really wanted this whole thing that we’ve made here to be really unique. I don’t want you to come and leave in the same mood. I don’t want you to come and leave in the same tone. Nor do I want you to come and leave with the same awareness of anything. It’s a very messy love bomb. It’s a love festival.

The most important thing for me is that it’s always nice to feel good, but you have to feel good and know how to keep feeling better. We have a lot of these throughout the show and I think you can’t leave without feeling like you’ve got some good advice. It is also timeless. I think all of these topics are things that have drained my brain, or at least the brains of my fans for a long time. There are so many episodes where you can go back and watch it over and over again and always leave with a different nugget or a different vibe or a different approach to something. We made this a very intimate and real experience.

You do ASMR on the show. Are you a fan of ASMR? What types of videos do you like the most?

I am obsessed with ASMR. I think I’m really starting to get into that during the lockdown. I became addicted. I couldn’t live without ASMR during that time period. It will help me sleep. I’m someone who needs that white noise in the background of little sensations bouncing in my ear to make me feel restful enough to fall asleep. I know a big wave when I was like, “Oh, I love that” was when Cardi B did it Vanityair An interview and I did her ASMR thing. And I said, “That’s genius.”

You can instantly spot an ASMR fan when you watch them do ASMR because you know how to give what you receive. I feel this applies to everything in life. But when I saw how engaged Cardi B was, I was like, “This is amazing. And this is just like all the other amazing ASMR artists.” something for me.

The first episode starts and ends with ASMR, and I thought that was really funny and interesting.

We wake you up and send you to bed! [Laughs]

What can we expect from the special guests who will be featured Kerry Cares?

You can expect to see a wide and diverse range of guests like me, me, and my subjects. or me, especially being newer drag race In person, I have always loved and received so much love from alumni, and have really managed to become a keen listener for my guests.

On the show, we have Silkie [Nutmeg Ganache]And I always have a great time with her. It’s so much fun, and we’ve had really engaging and crazy conversations. We also generally had a good time with the mayhem [Miller]…which, Chaos has always been that person. And we have Ongina, who’s been absolutely amazing to have a file drag race OG for giving you tips about life…not just drag, but also about having a lasting career in general. OGs like her literally built the thing from the ground up, creating it what it is today. I felt very fortunate to receive such good comments and good advice from them. Oh, and she’s also my next door neighbor, so it was fun getting to know her up close on the set. We literally share a wall!

We also had a guest who was not drag race alum, but who was really personal to me: Arisce Wanzer. I think this is the most intimate episode for me Kerry Cares, where we only talk about trans, trans identity, and our trans stories. Having Arisce really came full circle for me. You met me when I was new to L.A., a long time ago, and I was definitely not anything I am. And she’d say, “Look, you don’t see it yet, but I see all this stuff for you.” So it was funny to sit in a chair and make her like, “You see?”

She’s absolutely stunning, and I’m so glad her career has taken off, too. It has a great platform for trans women of color and the spaces we welcome.

Speaking of legends and OGs, I have to ask: What was your experience watching your mother, Sasha Colby, on season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race And receive such a massive outpouring of love?

It’s everything to me. I feel like this in my fever dream of Kerry Colby becoming something. This has always been a big part of it. I think Sasha [Colby] He was more than worthy, well equipped, and very willing to slay on a platform like drag race. I am also a very big believer in divine timing. It’s so wonderful that people now have the ability to give her the attention, love, and care she truly deserves. And watching all of this happen to her in season 15 is for her… she literally, on her own, during the second episode, turned the whole thing into a Sasha Colby’s Drag Race. It’s so much fun to see, and I also think it’s a new heartbeat to give back to her drag race.

You name-dropped me a few times on the show, too. What is your reaction to hearing Sasha talk about you?

It’s not that I’ve forgotten that I’m her daughter, but that she clearly doesn’t owe me anything. So, to have these little bits or little clips go in there… I didn’t know that was going to happen. So I’m always like, “Ugh, you reminded me!”

Even our social media posts. I love the fact that people are now really aware of it. We’re able to go back and forth like mother and daughter on our social media platforms, and it’s so much fun to watch. It’s almost like a super cool version of the Kardashians. Like Kris interacting with Kim or Kylie. It’s so much fun and I think it really gets people engaged. It just shows you that this is really like a real family, and we are really big parts of each other’s lives.

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