How to quickly make furnishings in Genshin Impact

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When you first unlock the Serenitea Pot in Genshin Impact, it’s exciting to view the list of furnishings you can create. With themed buildings, bookshelves, and fountains, it’s hard to choose which furniture to craft first. You may also want to craft all the furnishings you can. However, especially when starting out, it takes more than 12 hours to make tapestries. This number may be disheartening, but there is a way to speed up furniture creation. Here’s how to quickly craft furnishings in Genshin Impact.

How do you speed up furniture creation in Genshin Impact?

Vials of Adeptal Speed

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The Adeptal Speed ​​​​flask is an important resource for players who love decoration. These items can be used for Instantly complete the furniture It can save you a lot of time. When you’re just starting out, you can earn these flasks by increasing your trust rating with Tubby, the teapot spirit. The first four Trust Rank levels give you 10 vials of Adeptal Speed ​​upon completion, which can give you a head start when crafting furniture.

guest assistance

Visit a friend's potluck and help speed up furniture creation time
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To speed up your furniture creation time, you can also invite friends over to Serenitea Pot. Once there, they can talk to Tubby and choose Improve friendship to speed up the creation process To speed up the furnishing process by four hours. riends can help cut down your crafting time once every day, but they can only help if you have furniture that is currently being crafted.

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How to get Vials of Adeptal Speed ​​in Genshin Effect

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The easiest way to get Adeptal Speed ​​Vials is via Buy them in Realm Warehouse. You can buy a maximum of five flasks per day, costing 10 Real Em coins each. You can increase the amount of vials you can buy by leveling up the appropriate King Adeptal power level, although this process takes some time. To get to the Realm Depot, talk to Tubby, the Teapot Spirit. Choose from here world warehousethen Upholstery tab.

If you have not unlocked the ability to purchase vials of Adeptal Speed, you must raise your Trust Rank by creating new furniture for the first time. In order to get Trustedlasks, you sometimes have to wait until the creation time has completely expired, but this will change as you level up in Trust. Each of the first four Trust Ranks will award you 10 vials of Adeptal Speed ​​upon completion. To check the progress of Trust Rank, talk to Tubby and select Trust rating. The blue bar indicates your progress to the next level of the Trust Ranking.

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How to craft furnishings quickly in Genshin Impact