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Fog dwellers are no strangers to holiday festivities. The Lunar New Year has passed Dead by Daylight and takes shape in the Moonlight Burrow event. New cosmetics, twists on Trials, and more players away from the horror title.

When does the DBD Moonlight Burrow event start?

The festivities start early at 1 p.m. ET on January 17, 2023, and continue through January 24, 2023. The main event begins on January 24, 2023, and runs throughebruary 7, 2023. This is three weeks of a good Lunar New Year in the entity world.

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DBD Moonlight Burrow Event Daily Login Prizes

  • Jan 17th: nurse – festive dress
  • Jan 18thZarina Short – Gilded Locks
  • Jan 19th: clown – savage grin
  • Jan 20: Kate Denson – Claw Mark Beanie
  • Jan 21: the artist – a bewitching dress
  • Jan 22By: Adamrancis – The Sparkling Bull
  • Jan 23Artist: Buraq Al-Blood
  • January 24 –ebruary 750,000 blood points per day

DBD Cosmetics Moonlight Burrow

the killers

Image via Interactive Behavior
  • pest Long golden hat
  • the doctor Crazy suit
  • and a fraud Hidden rabbit
  • oni Rain cutter
  • Lunar rabbit magic


  • Elodie Rakoto Running in circles
  • Yoon Jin Lee – Golden Bunny
  • Claudette Morel Triangular cups
  • Jonah Vasquez – employee badge
  • Vittorio Toscano – Auspicious clothes
  • Feng Min Down the rabbit hole
  • Quiet Bunny Magic

How to use paper lanterns and red envelopes

Players can receive Red envelope offers at their Bloodweb throughout the event. When burned, a red envelope will appear, visible to all players, in the trial version. or players who have copied the offer, the aura of their envelope will only be visible to them. Opening an envelope grants the owner 5,000 blood points and a random amount of blood points for whoever opens it. In addition, the Envelope owner will also receive a Lunar Event Reward.

Paper lanterns They can be found in place of unused totems around each map. When interacting with Paper Lantern, players will get a boost that increases Haste’s movement speed and increases Vaulting speed.

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