£8m settlement offer for Prescot by Knowsley Council is unsuccessful !

Full details about £8m settlement offer for Prescot by Knowsley Council is unsuccessful

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An attempt to fund Prescott’s LEVELING UP was unsuccessful, and it has been confirmed.

The Prescott show, reportedly for £8m, aims to build on the opening of Shakespeare’s North Playhouse in 2022 to further develop the city’s cultural and entertainment scene.

Plans include investing in the Prescot Picture Palace – a Grade II listed building that has been restored as a cinema.

However, the offer failed, along with another attempt by Knowsley Council on Huyton.

Meanwhile, £15.3m has been awarded for a project in Halewood in the latest round of Leveling Up funding.

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Knowsley Council Chair, Cllr Graham Morgan: “I am delighted that we have secured £15.3m of government funding to support our plans in Halewood and ensure communities get the services and facilities they deserve. This is an exciting time for Hollywood.”

He also spoke of his disappointment at losing out on two other bids, including plans for £20m as part of Huyton’s £8m refit and £8m for Prescott.

Cllr Morgan said: “Obviously we are very disappointed that the other two bids – which were strong and worthy of ‘Leveling Up’ – were rejected.

“We have not received any comments from DLUHC but will be seeking this information in the coming days and weeks.”

He added that he was “eager to understand” how a Priority 1 district like Knowsley could lose out on some of its proposals in this round of bidding.

In St Helens, a bid to renovate the Gamble Building was unsuccessful, while £20 million was given for Earlestown’s plans to refurbish.