15 Best Borderlands 3 Mods

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Venture beyond Pandora for the first time in the series, Borderlands 3 continues to be an addictive first-person shooter with an RPG element. It focuses on an exciting story that involves annihilating enemies, plundering abundant treasures, and completing challenges on many different planets. As vast and vibrant as it is, Borderlands 3 really shines when applying mods that further customize gameplay, elevating your experience with new scenarios, visuals, and skins. Here are some of the best mods that will help you spice up your Borderlands 3 experience.

What are the 15 best Borderlands 3 mods?

15. Level 50 Zane

You should definitely install this Zane system to see the true extent of its capabilities. This mode comes in three different forms:

Ballbuster delivers a solid experience that gives you Zane with an empty stock. Twinked option offers a slew of goodies that will help you beat all the stages without a sweat.

14. Super Saves

Super Saves mod provides you with 100 save files that you can access in the game. The save files contain a cool inventory, the best skill tree mods, and everything else you need to easily move through the stages! This mode allows you to skip leveling and getting items and provides you with some of the best settings to enhance your experience without having to farm for it.

13. There is no introduction

You can’t skip some of the introductions in Borderlands 3, and if you play every day, it gets boring to watch every time you start. This mod removes all non-skippable introductions and lets you dive into the game. It’s a small but necessary tweak, as it speeds up gameplay and makes the experience smoother.

12. Iridium economy is cheaper

Grinding for loot is a staple of all Borderland games. Makes achievements feel earned and legendary weapons even more special. However, if you want to experience the game without the grind, this mod makes upgrades, fixes, and items cheaper.

11. Enemies, weapons, and more

Randomizers are great mods for people who have played Borderlands 3 before. This mod creates a new experience, making the gameplay more like random enemies, weapons, and items. This will throw the game balance out the window, with the most powerful weapons being able to be obtained right at the beginning of the game.

10. Third person mode

As the name suggests, this mode offers players to experience the game from a third-person perspective. It’s only available on PC and requires developer console access. This is more of a cheat than a mod, as it gives you an unfair advantage in the game, being able to spot the corners.

9. You’re aL4K Wizard

This mod offers four save files with different builds, which will wipe out any enemy that gets in your way. With these save files, you don’t have to spend time crafting and modifying theory. Here are the main designs that are included:

  • Gamma NukemRedfang Gamma Burst: Heavy guided weapons.
  • Hyperion Cryo/rad: Icebreaker + Redistributor, sub 20min times SS.
  • Cold War Twilight: Cryo / Rad + machine gun damage / weapon charge.
  • You are a magician: The building that sparked the RAK revolution.

8. Clean Reshade Preset

Clean Reshade Preset is a visual modification that greatly upgrades your graphics. It adds deplors, tone maps, and curves, which add a lot to your visual experience in the game. And the best thing of all is that the shaders used in this mode have minimal impact on performance.

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7. Level up all Vault Hunters

To level up Vault Hunters, you must keep restarting the game. This mod contains save files with the Mayhem mode unlocked, Vault Hunters already leveled up. Simply start your save file and test your skill against tougher versions of these opponents. All characters have level 30 or 75 without any skill points allocated, so you can build them however you like.

6. Infinite slide adjustment

The Infinite Slide Mod does what the name says, increasing slide animations for the player 4,000 times longer than the default. It may not be the ideal way to travel, but it offers a fun and new experience to spice up the game, especially if you’ve already finished with it.

5. Make enemies fight each other

If you want to spice up the game with real mayhem, then this game mod is for you. This mode offers a convenient deathmatch, which causes all enemies to fight each other as well as you. The mode is relatively untested and completely unbalances the game.

4. All weapons have red text

This mode allows you to get all red text items in your bank. This includes all armor, weapons, and items at level 60 and Chaos at 10. Many other skins are included, such as character heads and multiple vehicle parts. There are 33 new weapons and grenades for you to try.

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3. Moze MH10 demolished

This save file gives you a level 60 Mayhem 10 Moze with premium equipment and ointments. You’ll be able to wreak havoc with no reloads and unwanted bombs with BBB Tracker and Cloning Maddening. Vampyr provides healing, which increases your rate of fire.

2. More customizable vehicles

This mode allows you to customize the three available vehicles with different skins and other customizable features. Makes all parts and skins available for the vehicle once it is unlocked in the game. The mod also randomizes the skins and accessories of enemy vehicles, which makes the game more interesting and attractive.

1. Giant Weapon, Invisible Weapons

Giant Weapon and Invisible Weapon is the true juggernaut. This mod will give you all the armor, gear, weapons, modes, bosses, boss items, and more. The main save includes about 60 new items. Modified skills for Amara, Moze,l4k and Zane are also available. According to the author, they are not overpowered but appropriately balanced, with a million iridium and maximum money.

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15 Best Borderlands 3 Mods