How to become a police officer in BitLife

To become a BitLife police officer, you must apply for the trainee position under the listings at Careers.

Having fit smarts and athletes can also help in getting the job, both of which will help in the long run and uphill. ranks.

You can obtain both stats by either recycling characters or building skills through read books and go to the gym, and walk. However, skills are not the most important thing to become a BitLife cop.

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There is only one requirement: finish high school or high school, as it is often called in the game. finishing High school It’s also easy, so you don’t have to worry about the requirements.

But, you may face issues in finding the job since all the jobs in BitLife are random. If you don’t see a file Police trainee In BitLife, try to reload the game or grow old at once.

Sooner or later, you’ll find it, and when you do, apply and answer the interview question, you’ll get the job. Once you’re a cadet, work harder, work longer hours, and you’ll be promoted to better jobs in law enforcement.

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How to become a Police officer in BitLife