Anime Story Codes (January 2023)

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Build your ultimate hero in Anime Story. The next journey depends on what kind of anime hero you will become. Collect your power from different animes like NarutoAnd Dragon Ball SuperAnd Plot To become the most powerful hero in your story. If you think you have become strong enough, try to fight against another player!

Codes for Anime Story will give you in-game currencies such as gems and coins. Some codes will provide you with double experience points to help you level up at the beginning of the game. Use these coins to buy new powers and equipment. These codes are great for boosting at the beginning of the game.

Join your favorite anime heroes on an adventure in Roblox. Claiming these anime game codes will help you get a helpful boost to get stronger faster. Order these codes for Anime Power Tycoon codes, Anime Adventures codes, Anime World Tower Defense codes, Anime Squad Simulator codes, Anime Plush Simulator codes.

List of all anime story symbols

Updated January 22, 2023

New icons added!

anime story codes (functional)

Here’s a look at all the working anime stories symbols.

  • Turn back—3-hour recovery double trial (new)
  • January– Redeem 8 Dragon Balls (new)
  • Sorry 2023– Exchange 3000 gems (new)
  • The new year—2 hour recovery of 2x XP
  • storage– Redeem 10 Dragon Balls
  • enjoy—You will be refunded for 2k gems
  • Christmas—Retrieve double experience twice
  • spirits– Redeem 6 Dragon Balls
  • Hurrah– Exchange 1000 gems
  • Update 6—2 hour recovery of 2x XP
  • Angel– Redeem 5 Dragon Balls
  • races– Exchange 1500 gems
  • “”– Exchange 1000 gems
  • Update 5—Redeem code for a two-hour double trial
  • finally—Redeem code for 9 Dragon Balls
  • Hunter—1000 gems redemption code

anime story codes (expired)

These Anime Story codes are no longer valid.

  • UPDATE_TIME123—redeem code for 2x Exp
  • Update time—Redeem code for a one-hour double trial
  • Sorry—Redeem code for 7 Dragon Balls
  • Demon Slayer—1000 gems redemption code
  • dragpost—Redeem code for 15 Dragon Balls
  • prison cell—Redeem code for 3 hours 2x exp
  • Final—1500 gems redemption code
  • Double post—Redeem code for 3 hours 2x exp
  • the Dragon—Redeem a token for 50 Dragonballs
  • So—Redeem code for 10 Dragon Balls
  • reinforces—Redeem code for 3 hours 2x exp
  • Halloween—Redeem code for 1 kilo gems
  • LIKEGOAL 30 kilos—Redeem code for 7 Dragon Balls
  • to update—Redeem code for 3 hours 2x exp
  • turn it off—6-hour redemption code 2x exp
  • Birth—Redeem code for 7 Dragon Balls
  • UPD3SOON—Redeem code for 2 hours 2x exp
  • LIKEGOAL20K—Redeem code for 7 Dragon Balls
  • Anthon—1000 gems redemption code
  • Update time—Redeem code for a one-hour double trial
  • DELAY_TWOD—A redemption code for 2 Magic Gems
  • millie—1000 gems redemption code
  • LIKEGOAL10K—1000 gems redemption code
  • Code 5 likes—Redeem code for 3 Divine Gems
  • DUNGEONS_SOON—Redeem code for 1 hour trial 2x
  • waveto—Redeem code for 20,000 coins
  • Fixed 1—Redeem code for 30 minutes double experience
  • The second part—Redeem code for 2000 gems
  • waveto—Redeem code for 20,000 coins
  • Secret—Refund code for 2 Stat Reset
  • Rank—Redeem code for 30 minutes double experience
  • Bugs—1000 gems redemption code
  • installed—1000 gems redemption code
  • REVAMP—Redeem code for 30 minutes double experience
  • NERF_CELL—Redeem code for 30 minutes double experience
  • delay—700 gems redemption code
  • FREE_UPGRADES—redeem code for
  • Fixed 123—1000 gems redemption code
  • Closure—1000 gems redemption code
  • stress test—Redeem code for 15 minutes double experience
  • ANIME_SHUTDOWNS—1000 gems redemption code
  • Reset—recovery code for Stat Reset
  • Apologies— Redeem rewards code
  • BAN_WAVE1—1000 gems redemption code
  • MONDAY_RIP—1000 coins redemption code
  • RELEASE_DELAY—700 gems redemption code
  • FixED_EXPLOIT—Redeem code for 30 minutes double experience
  • HOUR_DOUBLEEXP— Redeem rewards code
  • Release— Redeem rewards code
  • Towers 1—Redeem code for 60 minutes double experience
  • Turn back—recovery code for Stat Reset
  • Quickly— Redeem rewards code
  • Sorry— Redeem rewards code
  • REROLL_AURA— Redeem rewards code

Answering frequently asked questions about the story of the anime

Follow our guides for all your questions about Anime Story.

How to redeem anime story codes

Easy to redeem codes for free rewards anime story. To do this, follow the instructions below.

Code text box recovery for Roblox Anime Story
Image courtesy of Pro Game Guides
  1. Launch Anime Story.
  2. Click on Open menu button on the right side of the screen.
  3. Click on Icons button To open the text box enter the code here.
  4. Enter the work codes in Enter the code here writing box.
  5. Click on recovers Code button to claim your free bonus.

How can you get more Anime Story tokens?

To get the latest Anime Story codes from the developer tkcFollow them on Twitter @tweet or join them on Discord server anime story. We here at Pro Game Guides have the latest codes the developer drops, so bookmark this page and visit us often, never miss a free bonus.

Why aren’t my Anime Story codes working?

Anime Story codes may not work for several reasons. The developer may have expired these codes; Most of them are time sensitive and have limited time. Order codes as soon as possible from our working list to avoid missing out on any free rewards. These symbols can be typed incorrectly into the text box; Copy and paste codes from our list to avoid mistakes while trying to redeem your rewards.

What are the basic controls in Anime Story?

To level up faster in Anime Story, you’ll need to understand how the basic controls work and where they are mapped on your keyboard. To be the best in Anime Story, learn these controls and unlock your true power.

“Q” key—Click on Dash
“LCTRL” key– Contract on Sprint
“LMB” key—Click to equip a weapon
“R” key– Contract to charge energy
“F” key—Tap at the right time to get a perfect block

What is the story of the anime?

Anime Story is an RPG where you can build your avatar to become the strongest anime hero. Mix and match your favorite powers across the anime world to take on bosses and enemies from familiar anime. You can even face other players in the PVP arena to test your strength and test your build strength.

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Anime Story Codes (January 2023)