A woman enters a child endangerment appeal in the death of her young child in 2018

NEW YORK, Pennsylvania (AP) — A Pennsylvania woman has pleaded guilty to child endangerment, two and a half weeks after juries acquitted her ex-boyfriend of murder and other charges in the death of her 2-year-old son.

Leah Moulineux, 26, filed an open plea in a third-degree felony case last week in York County Court in the death of Dante Moulineux in September 2018.

Last month, jurors deliberated for nearly two hours before acquitting 43-year-old Tyree Boy of first and third degree murder as well as child endangerment in the death of a child.

Bowie was taking care of Moulinex while the boy’s mother was in the hospital. He brought the unresponsive boy to the same hospital that day and then ran away, authorities said, telling authorities the next day that he had fed the boy some animal crackers and later noticed he was not breathing. Moulinex died eight days later.

An autopsy concluded that the child died of traumatic brain injury with asphyxiation and suffocation. His death was murder. After his release from York County Jail, Bowie visited the child’s grave at Mount Rose Cemetery in Spring Garden Township with more than a dozen friends and supporters.

After an appeal by Leah Molyneux, Judge Amber Craft ordered a pre-sentencing investigation as well as a mental health, drug and alcohol assessment. Moulinex’s attorney, Joshua Niederheiser, said his client is currently in substance abuse counseling. The judge has set the sentencing hearing for April 20.

“At least she has that, well, part of it,” said Moulinex’s sister, Sarah Moulinex, who was trying to get custody of her nephew at the time of his death. The police have been accused of failing to properly investigate the case and county social service agency officials of failing to heed concerns about the child’s welfare.

Bowie, who was also in court during the hearing, said he was not offered any motion during his time in the county jail awaiting trial. “It’s not fair that I wasted four years of my life for something I didn’t do, and she has to accept my plea,” Bowie said.