Watch the Boston Dynamics Atlas Grab and Throw robot, just as people do

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas machines aim to be the robot world’s humans when it comes to physical capabilities. They already can Do parkour and gymnastics, but recent improvements have added new skills that make robots more like people than before.

When we saw Atlas slay a parkour tournament in 2021, it had short appendages for hands. Today’s Atlas, star A Boston Dynamics Video Released Wednesday, it has the grippers and feel of a showboat.

The video plays as a small job site clipper with a human who has forgotten his tools while on a high platform. The worker asks Atlas to bring him his tool bag. The robot bravely builds a bridge, grabs the bag, jumps to a higher place and lifts the bag to the boss. Then he does a gymnastic-style unclip.

The video is a demonstration of a pirate-shaped handgrip and the robot’s ability to change its environment and accurately drop a heavy object to complete a task. a Behind the scenes video It goes into detail about how a robot perceives and processes objects.

Atlas has come a long way. It was less than a decade ago that a CNET writer commented on an early version of the robot “Terrible at karate. Boston Dynamics is using the Atlas system as a test bed to experiment with new robotic technologies and capabilities.

Another much discussed humanoid robot is Tesla Optimus AI-focused robot, which is a completely different animal (excuse me – robot) than Atlas. It’s also in an early stage of development, so don’t expect any Atlas-Optimus showdown in the near future. Both devices show how humanity is working toward a sci-fi dream come true of robots made in our image.