Tears of Themis Labyrinth Pavilion Mystery Road Walkthrough – Blizzard Event Red Threads

The Tears of Themis Blizzardous Thread of Red event starts from January 12thAnd 2023And untilebruary 2ndAnd 2023, and is open to all attorneys who have completed X-Note Main Story 2-28. After completing the event tutorial, you will be able to explore the Villa Courtyard, which houses a building called the Labyrinth. Inside the Labyrinth Pavilion, you can explore four rooms to collect artifacts, silk bags, and more.

After completing the Path of Adversity and the Way of Truth, you can begin to explore the Path of Mystery, where you can get the following collectibles:

  • 2 silk bags
  • x1 Artifact (Golden Bell Bracelet)

These instructions will show you the exact path to follow. Since there are no minimaps, we recommend that you follow this guide from start to finish to avoid confusion.

All the way through a maze of mysterious artifacts, a silk bag, and exit locations – Tears of Themis

This stage is difficult because there are a lot of security personals walking around. You will need to be careful about finding safe places so you don’t get caught.

Silk bag #1

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start in male lead side. Climb to the top, then go right to find a file Switch. Interact with her to open a portal on Rosa’s side. When the coast is clear, go down below.

The NPC will block your path, but you need to force through it. Wait until her flashlight is out of the way, then Quickly scroll down. Don’t worry because she’s a little blind, so you won’t get caught even if a little bit of light gets in the way. Park the male lead in a safe place under the NPC.

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Rosa must be removed from the road or she will be arrested. switch to Rosa’s side, then go down, turn left, go down again. Stand in the safe place to the left of the security camera and leave it there.

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Back to main actor. Continue down, then turn left to enter a large room. Go to the far left and then go behind the top silk screen. Interact with the sparkling object to get the first one silk bag.

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Silk bag #2

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Next, head down and enter the small space behind the silk screen. you will find two keys in front of the bookshelf. interacts with Both Them to open two gates on Rosa’s side. Once this is done, go back up and hide behind the silk screen on the right. This is a safe place where he won’t be caught.

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switch to Rosa’s side. Go down and turn right at the very ledge so as not to be caught by the surveillance camera. Then keep turning right and go down the path lined with sections, being careful about the roaming NPC. Wait until Male NPC out of the way, then enter to the right side through the small crack. Keep going down to find a shiny object. Interact with it to get the second one silk bag.

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Artifact – Golden Bell Bracelet

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Wait until The male NPC is heading up, then slipped through the crack again. This time, drop down and turn left to get to the left side. Go upstairs to find a sparkler released. Interact with it to get an artifact called the Golden Bell Bracelet.


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Using the same pattern as before, wait for the male to move out of the way and Enter the notch on the right. Once there, wait for it to get out of the way again, then finally exit by heading north. Turn right to find the exit. Then switch to file male lead side Go left to find the exit. You will leave the room and unlock the next room called “Options Method”.

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Tears of Themis Labyrinth Pavilion Way of Mystery walkthrough – Blizzardous Threads of Red event