How to power up melee weapons inire Emblem Engage

Inire Emblem Engage, you can enhance your emblem’s weapons with special materials. However, you will need to unlock several locations in the story before you can use the upgrade mechanism. Here’s everything you need to know to power up your Engage weapons.

How do you power up melee weapons inire Emblem Engage?

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Clash with weapons We are reinforced with the Boost feature in Somniel ring room. To access the locked location, you will need to complete it first Chapter 4: A Land of Blossoms. After defeating the main story battle, simply return to the Somniel Center to automatically open the café door. The augmentation option can then be accessed by interacting with the base located in the center of the Ring Chamber. Before you can power up your Engage weapons, you will, too need to Special named items Crystal And about him. Crystals increase the stats of your weapons, while Bane changes the type of its effectiveness against enemies. the Material upgrade he It was received by Complete the storm trials And relay experiments.

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Both trial challenges fall into theire Emblem Engage Tower of Trials door, which becomes available for the first time thereafter Chapter 6: The Stolen Ring. In Relay Trials, you are tasked with completing several battle maps back to back. Relay Trials is the cooperative mode of the games so you will have to team up with another player to take on the enemies. Completing these two trials will earn you a Crystal and Bane, which can be redeemed at Somniel’s Ring Chamber. Increasing experimental materials will increase a melee weapon’s stats, such as its power and critical strike damage. While there is a ability limit to how much you can boost with Engage weapons, you can strip away your augmentations at any time in the Ring Chamber to reset your stats.

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How to strengthen engage weapons inire Emblem Engage