Destiny 2 competitive rankings explained

Destiny 2’s 19th season, Season of the Seraphim, has just been released, and Bungie has completely revamped the competitive ranking structure. It was previously known as Glory Playlist, but is now known as Crucible Competitive Playlist.

What are the ranks in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Season 19 has a ladder of ranks that you need to climb, just like any other competitive game. It has an ELO based matchmaking rating system that allows you to level up as you win matches. You will have to play several placement games to get ranked in the first place. There are six ranks in total, which are:

  • It has not been tested – Unranked players who are still watching placement games.
  • copper (level three – first)
  • bronze (level three – first)
  • silver (level three – first)
  • gold (level three – first)
  • Platinum (level three – first)
  • witty (level three – first)
  • Progressive

The higher your rank, the more difficult it will be for you to climb higher on the ladder. If you win a game, you advance through your rank. If you lose, you lose points. A lower rank means easier promotion; Higher ranking means easier demotion. You will also have to play a few games each week to maintain your competitive rank if you are Gold III or higher.

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Ranked rewards system

If you rank higher in Destiny 2 Season 19, the rank multiplier also increases for each rank.

  • Copper and Bronze – 1.0x
  • Silver – 1.1 times
  • Gold – 1.2 times
  • Platinum 1.3x
  • Handyman – 1.4x
  • Ascending – 1.5x

These rank multipliers will help you unlock rewards faster than before. Unlike most games that get increasingly difficult to arrange matchmaking, Destiny 2 rewards you for your time and effort.

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Destiny 2 Competitive Ranks, Explained