How to get fur in survival game – Roblox

Survival is one of the latest games to take over the Roblox universe. rom the name, you would know that the title is a craft-style survival game where you need to survive by collecting and using all the resources around you. One such vital resource that is required to live in the harsh world of survival game is the fur or animal hide. They are essential for all-weather living and armor crafting. To get fur or hide in survival game you need to hunt animals.

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What animals fur/hide in Roblox The Survival Game?

You can get fur from animals like deer, pigs and elephants by killing them. Although you can get a stash from any of the animals described, we highly recommend hunting deer because they never attack you and can be easily killed with the virtual boulder. At the same time, we strongly ask you to stay away from pigs, as they are very aggressive and can kill you if you do not have a proper strategy.

Killing one animal such as a deer may get you anywhere from 2 to 3 skins in the game. You can take this hide to any crafting bench to craft basic items like leather armor that will increase your overall durability and protect you from all kinds of weather.

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How to getur in The Survival Game – Roblox