How to beat 14-10 in Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom may look like a cute cartoon action game, but it is much more than that. This gacha role playing title has some challenging stages which will feel impossible to finish. One of them is Stage 14-10, with a seemingly impossible-to-difficult boss battle. Here’s how to beat 14-10 in Cookie Run Kingdom.

How to complete stage 14-10 in Cookie Run Kingdom

What cookies should be used to beat 14-10 in Cookie Run Kingdom?

You will need to upgrade your cookies to at least level 55 to beat 14-10 in Cookie Run Kingdom. Affogato is so powerful that it can be leveled into the lower 40s and still be very useful. Use this party to finish the stage with 3 stars:

  • Before: Dark Cocoa (With Chocolate Swift Biscuit Layer)
  • middle: Afogato (with a spicy raspberry topping), éclairs (with a spicy raspberry or chocolate swift)
  • rear: Cotton Biscuits (with a layer of solid almonds), pure vanilla (covered in quick or hard almond chocolate)

What treasures to use in stage 14-10 in Cookie Run Kingdom?

Since this is a very difficult stage, choose treasures that allow you to deal a lot of damage in the shortest possible period of time.

  • Monocle Booksellers – You’ll need this treasure to heal. Try to upgrade it as much as you can.
  • Old Hajj Scroll – Upgrade this treasure to at least level 5 so you can count on 40% better attack.
  • squishy jelly watch – This is a common treasure, so you will most likely have enough time to upgrade it to level 12. In this way, you will reduce the waiting time for all cookies by 25%.
  • Glittery Sugar Swaneather – Another great epic treasure that revives the first fallen cookie. The amount of health your hero has after reviving depends on the level of this item.

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Best strategy to beat 14-10 Cookie Run Kingdom

It will be better if you do several important things to defeat boss 14-10 in Cookie Run Kingdom. irst, be prepared by putting the best heroes into battle with the best add-ons and treasures. ollow these instructions to beat 14-10 in Cookie Run Kingdom:

  1. Prepare your cookies for a tough battle. Upgrade them as much as you can, including their skills.
  2. Timing is key! Save Affogato’s special skill (and everyone else you can) when you get close to the boss. You’ll need them available for that final battle.
  3. Wait until the enemy behind the boss is weak (look at the bar above his head), and then activate everything you have. the most important, Don’t use the Affogato skill yet!
  4. Once the small enemies are dead, activate the Affogato skill on the huge enemy.
  5. Now all you have to do is use the specials until the boss drops dead.

If you need more help to beat 14-10 in Cookie Run Kingdom, use the best Cookie Run Kingdom codes you can find in Pro Game Guides.

How to beat 14-10 in Cookie Run Kingdom