HBO Max cancels the all-encompassing “Gossip Girl” reboot on Queer after two seasons

Farewell , gossip girl!

After two seasons, HBO Max has canceled a reboot of the classic teen drama gossip girl. The Season 2 finale, which will air January 26, will also serve as the series finale.

“Many thanks to all GGrom all over the world,” show creator and producer Joshua Safran said in a statement on social media. “You are the reason we came back in the first place, and who knows, maybe the reason we will meet again. Lots of love.”

At first, the reboot seemed to be a hit, setting the record for the most watched opening weekend on HBO Max for an original series. However, after that, fans didn’t quite stick with the show the same way they did with the original.

Although the reboot didn’t match the popularity of the original, it did improve in the area of ​​diversity. The new series had a diverse cast and included quirky characters. In fact, he was just nominated for a GLAAD Media Award.

Safran took to Twitter to talk about the cancellation and his hopes that the show will find a new home. He thanked the network and his writers and crew, saying, “This was honestly the greatest set I’ve ever worked on, top to bottom.”

He continued, “We’re currently looking for another home, but in this climate, that could be an uphill battle, and so if that’s the end of it, at least we’re out on top,” explaining that he will shop the show to other networks and broadcasters.

Thank you for watching, and I hope you get ready for the finale next Thursday to see how things stack up together. Xoxo, it’s over.

The final series of gossip girl It will air next Thursday, January 26th on HBO Max.

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