Dead by Daylight Codes (Jan 2023) –REE BP & Charms!

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric horror game that pits a Killer against four survivors and challenges them to complete their missions before it’s too late. The survivors proceed to fix the generators to power the portals, allowing them to escape. The killer must prevent them from using the myriad of abilities and perks available.

Occasionally, game developers will drop Dead By Daylight codes that can be exchanged for cosmetics or Bloodpoints, an in-game currency. Players can then equip these cosmetics to complete their objectives in style, or use Blood Points to purchase better perks to make the game more challenging for your opponents!

Beatingreddy Krueger takes more than just getting free blood points. Better to learn basic Dead by Daylight strategies such as What is Slugging in DBD?, What is Tunneling in Dead by Daylight? The fastest way to get points in DBD. We also recommend reading all the maps in Dead by Daylight, here are the 5 most wanted assassins in Dead by Daylight.

All the dead according to the list of symbols of the day

Updated January 20, 2023

New icon added!

Death by day codes (DBD) (work)

  • lucky—You’ll pair with a Hillbilly Striped Jeans Top and Wild Rat Hammer (new)
  • rabbit– Exchange Dwight’s hat for the Moon Rat and Quilt’s Scarlet Soul weapon
  • CAWCAW– Compensation for Pride’seather charm
  • Pride 2022—Retrieve two Pride charms (permanent)
  • Nice– Redeem 69 blood points (permanent)
  • the Warriors—Compensation for doll magic (permanent)

Death by day (DBD) codes (expired)

  • MAKEMECRYO– Refund for oni eyes and frosty plague
  • ICEYYOU– A refund for the lukewarm eyes and the con artist
  • coldstore– Redeem for killer eyes, blight, and frosty twin
  • winner—Redeem for PUBGrying Pan Charm
  • one million—compensation for the magic of Twitter
  • chiggadas– Recover 150,000 blood points
  • celebrando– Recover 50,000 blood points
  • Novas– Recover 100,000 blood points
  • Empty– Redeem 25,000 blood points
  • crack– Redeem 25,000 blood points
  • unstable– Redeem 25,000 blood points
  • energy– Redeem 25,000 blood points
  • Didoba– Recover 300,000 blood points, 1k iridescent shards, and 20 crack shards
  • drills– Recover 100,000 blood points
  • Didoba– Omamori’s silk charm replaced
  • Bilibili 300 kilos– Recover 300,000 blood points
  • Alienware software– Recover 100,000 blood points
  • Twitch Rivals– Redeem 200,000 blood points
  • bubbles– Redeem the Shark Charm
  • Finn– Redeem 10,000 blood points
  • the face– Redeem 10,000 blood points
  • Share– Redeem 10,000 blood points
  • Okannada—Makeup for the magic of maple leaf
  • cake—Redeem for 100,000 blood points
  • IGBPARTY– Recover 100,000 blood points
  • pride—Redeem code for the Pride Rainbowlag
  • Blue BirdBig– Recover 100,000 blood points
  • getthatpage– Recover 10 cracked shards
  • blood bank– Recover 100,000 blood points
  • double rainbow– Recover 200,000 blood points
  • I thank you– Recover 150,000 blood points
  • GIGXLM3G—Redeem for 100k BP
  • 78SNOXXG—Redeem for 100k BP
  • Japan—Recover 300k BP
  • competitor—Redeem for 100k BP
  • Hey, you—retrieve 25 KB BP
  • You found me—retrieve 25 KB BP
  • this code—retrieve 25 KB BP
  • DBDWEBSITE—retrieve 25 KB BP
  • competition– Recover 100,000 blood points
  • Revalsukr—Redeem for 100k BP
  • mladysevenphoto—Recovery for 50 KB
  • Instability—Recovery for 50 KB
  • FriskkUWUrawerXD2022—Recovery for 50 KB
  • Diharddeva 2022—Recovery for 50 KB
  • Cation—Redeem for 88,888 Battle Points
  • Luckymoney—Redeem for 16,888 Battle Points
  • Lanternestival—Recover 15 crack shards
  • OINKYOUNEEDISLOVE—Redeem code for 200,000 blood points
  • tow days—Redeem code for 222K Bloodpoints
  • VK130UP—Redeem code for 130K Bloodpoints
  • 59th39Redeem code for 59K Bloodpoints
  • LIGHTSCAMERABP—Redeem code for 100K Bloodpoints
  • open— Redeem code for 100 kilos
  • INSERTCOIN – Redeem Arcade Machine Charms
  • Season outings— Recover 100K BP
  • MoreChristmas— Recover 100K BP
  • holiday special— Recover 100K BP
  • Ho ho ho—Redeem for 100k BP
  • Discover—Redeem for 150k BP
  • easysapc—Redeem for 150k BP
  • Sieversald – 150,000 battle strength
  • live or die-redemption to charm
  • Honour – A redemption of the charm of honor
  • Notatric— Redeem the offer of 100,000 blood points
  • Duet Crowe– Redeem for the Dwight Crow Charm
  • Wizard, please –ind out if you get trick-or-treating!
  • reself– Redeem 100,000 blood points
  • scary – Replacement for trick-or-treating
  • episodes– Redeem 1031 blood points
  • Screamstream– Redeem 100,000 blood points
  • DBDDAYJP2021– 202,100 blood points redeemed (expires October 25th)
  • boop—Redeem code for Meg Thomas’ “Boop The Snoot” mask.
  • Plains—Retrieve the token of two charms
  • AWESOME—Code to redeem two cosmetics
  • goldenbrus—Code to redeem two cosmetics
  • Petrothanon—Code to redeem two cosmetics
  • piece of cake—Retrieve the token of two charms
  • Rancholit –Redeem code for 250k Bloodpoints (Next order will reset)
  • AD800947-01A7-4DEF-81AD-40DDC501DE50—Exchange the token for 250,000 blood points and 1,000 iridescent shards
  • anniversaries –Redeem the code for 10 cracked parts
  • FD3EB91E-B741-454B-A5DD-BC8DA406F162—Redeem the code for 10 cracked parts
  • Kodomono Redeem code for 60k Bloodpoints
  • midorinohi2021—Redeem the code for 50k Bloodpoints
  • KenpouKinenBi2021—Redeem code for 40k Bloodpoints
  • happygoldenweek2021—-Redeem the code for 30k Bloodpoints

Frequently asked questions about dead in the light of day

Everything we know about the codes for Dead by Daylight can be found below!

How to redeem codes in Dead by Daylight

To redeem codes in Dead by Daylight, launch the game and go to the Store menu. Then press Redeem the code on the right side of the screen.

In the text box, enter the code exactly as it appears in our list above. Once you are sure that it is entered correctly, press recovers button to claim your prize!

What are the points of blood in the dead by daylight?

Blood Points are the main form of Dead by Daylight currency. Players can use them to purchase perks, abilities, and items on the blood web that match their playing style with their strengths to unlock their character’s potential.

How to get more blood points in Dead by Daylight

The primary way to get blood points is to play the game as intended. Blood Points are awarded in varying amounts at the end of each round for each class, depending on how well you do. Alternatively, you can also get Bloodpoints using the codes provided by the developers!

Why is my Dead by Daylight code not working?

There are several reasons why one of the Dead by Daylight codes we’ve listed above might not be working. The most common reason for this problem is that players do not enter the code exactly as it appears above. To fix this, try copying and pasting the code instead of entering it manually. Alternatively, double-check your entry to make sure it matches the code on our list – capitalization and punctuation matter!

There are also reports of codes not working on Xbox Series X specifically. Some players have suggested a temporary fix to get the codes to work: make the first letter uppercase and then all the others lowercase.

What is dead by daylight?

Dead by Daylight is a four-on-one multiplayer horror game. One player takes on the role of the deadly evil assassin, hunting down the four players known as the survivors. The killer’s primary goal is to capture all four players, and the survivors aim to power up the generators while staying out of the killer’s reach and eventually trying to escape.

Can you get codes for Auric Cells in Dead by Daylight?

No, you cannot get codes for Auric Cells in Dead by Daylight. There has never been a code to get free Auric Cells, and most likely never will be. You can only obtain Auric Cells by purchasing them from the in-game shop.

Dead by Daylight Codes (January 2023) –ree BP & Charms!