Love Island 2023: What happened in the fourth episode?


Noun: Kayagan

Omar: 24

Location: Manchester

occupation: Science and PE teacher

Something not many people know: I am a Jamaican citizen. Because of that I played rugby 7 for Jamaica.

“I play semi-professional rugby now at Burnage RFC.”

“I’ve technically had three different degrees and gone to three different universities.”

Ron Hall

Ron Hall

Noun: Ron Hall

Omar: 25

Location: Essex

occupation: financial consultant

Something not many people know: “When you meet me, you would never know that I am blind in one eye.”

“It was the result of a soccer injury when I was eight. I have two different eyes, one blue and one green.”

Will Young

Will Young

Noun: Will Young

Omar: 23

Location: Buckinghamshire

occupation: farms

Something not many people know: “Every night I light a candle and meditate for 20-25 minutes.”

A girl I was seeing asked me to meditate, I tried it and loved it. Stop seeing it and keep meditating!

“It’s a nice way of self-reflection.”

Muhammed's incision

Muhammed’s incision

Noun: Muhammed’s incision

Omar: 24

Location: London

occupation: Airport security officer

Something not many people know: I am a very emotional person. It can be both a blessing and a curse.

Every time I watch Dear John I cry.

This is my favorite movie. Anytime I’m with someone and they say, “Let’s watch a romantic movie,” I’m like, “How about Dear John, what’s that like?”

Numani guard

Numani guard

Noun: Numani guard

Omar: 21

Location: Doncaster

occupation: TV salesman

Something not many people know: I never found love. I think this is the offer that can help me.

It is the best chance for me to find the girl and find the right one. Obviously, I did not find the right person myself.

Zara Denise Lackenby Brown

Zara Denise Lackenby Brown

Noun: Zara Denise Lackenby Brown

Omar: 25

Location: London

occupation:orm and property developer

Something not many people know about her: “I’ve done many modeling and dancing for music videos for British and international artists, I’ve worked with people like Hardy Caprio, Heidi Wan, H, Tune Wayne and more.”