List of pseudo-legendary Pokémon levels (2023)

While there are many Pokémon across the series to choose from, some of the most powerful ones tend to be Pseudo Legendary Pokémon. These Pokémon have some of the highest stats outside of Legendary Pokémon, with a total score of 600. With so many Pseudo Legendaries to choose from, you may be wondering which is the best Pseudo Legendary Pokémon.

All Pseudo Legendary Pokemon ranked

There are ten Pseudo Legendary Pokémon to choose from. Many of them are Dragon types, and they earn some Dragon Pokémon The strongest Pokemon in games. Pseudo Legendary Pokémon evolve later than other Pokémon, but it’s worth waiting for the sheer power they bring to the team. We’ve ranked all of the Pseudo Legendary Pokemon below, so keep reading to see the best Pseudo Legendary Pokemon.

10. Kommo-O

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Kommo-O is unique in that it is a Dragon/Fighting type Pokémon, but it suffers in many aspects when compared to other pseudo-legends. She has two signature moves, Clanging Scales and Clangorous Soul, but these don’t make up for her remaining slenderness. She has great attack and defense stats, but her good speed leaves her open to faster Pokémon to work with before she can. With the right setup, Kommo-O can be a real threat, but the effort to make that happen is higher than just using a different Dragon Pokémon.

9. Goodra

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After countless years, Pokémon finally introduced Pseudo Legendary which is Goodra’s pure dragon type. Unfortunately, this is not what sets Goodra apart, but rather his focus on defense rather than offense. He excels as a huge special defender, but he relies on this to succeed, so an opponent who is prepared for this can easily counter Goodra. It has decent abilities and moves, but it falls short compared to other Pseudo Legendary Pokémon. It has Hisuian form which helps make it Dragon/Steel, but this only provides minor benefits.

8. Hydreigon

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Hydrigon can be considered very diverse, like Dragonite, but it lacks some of its options. Dragon/Dark Pokémon also have a dual weakness toairy, a common competition type that exposes them to powerful attacks. However, Hydrigon can do some real damage if it’s set up with the Nasty Plot, and it can fire Draco Meteor. However, with the right partner in a doubles format, Hydreigon gets even better, but you’ll need to work on your strategy around the Pokémon.

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7. Baxcalibur

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Baxcalibur is the latest Pseudo Legendary Pokemon to join the series and has made an impact. It has a unique Dragon/Ice combination, eliminating the permanent weakness of Ice. It also has a unique heat exchange ability that powers it when under fire type attack. This increases her already amazing attack stats, and thanks to her HP stats and defense stats, Baxcalibur can stay on the battlefield for quite some time. She has good speed, so other Pokemon can outrun her, which is unfortunate.

6. Metagross

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Metagross ignores the typical Dragon type that Pseudo Legendary Pokémon have and instead has a Steel/Psycho mix. Its basic stats are attack and defense, both of which are quite high. This makes her an offensive tank attacker, especially with her good resistance. Additionally, MEtagross has cover across its moveset, allowing it to take on Pokémon that it would normally be weak against. She has an average speed that can hold her back.

5. Salamence

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Salamence has the classic Dragon /lying combination but stands out due to its impressive attack and powerful abilities. Either Intimidate or Moxie are great options, and it has a great speed to take advantage of either. Choose either ability, whether you use Salamence more defensively or purely offensively. Whether Salamence or Dragonite is better is a bit of a throwaway and likely comes down to personal preference and the team you’re managing.

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4. Dragonite

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Dragonite may look foolish, but he has access to Multiscale, which reduces damage when his HP is full. This is useful for settings and allows Dragonite to take advantage of its versatility. The Dragon/Flying Pokémon has no particular power but can play many roles. Its double weakness in Ice is unfortunate, but it can be extremely powerful when paired with the right Pokémon in doubles or the right strategy in singles.


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Tyranitar is one of two Pseudo Legendary Pokémon that does not have a Dragon type. Abandoning this for a Rock/Dark type mix, Tyranitar is a powerhouse Pokemon with incredible attack and good defense stats. Its speed is affected, but it cannot access the Sand Stream ability, which creates a sandstorm when entering battle. This isn’t great for applying chip damage, but it can be paired with Pokémon that have Sand Rush to give them a boost to Speed.

2. Dragabolt

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Dragapult’s unique Dragon/Ghost combo gives her an interesting move combo, but where she really shines is her incredible speed, good attack, and special attack. This gives Dragopult options for being a special or physical attacker. The Dragon Darts’ signature move is also a great tool in both singles and doubles, which means it can excel in either format.

1. Garchomp

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Garchomp hugely burst onto the scene as the fourth-generation Pokémon of Cynthia, the Eliteour champion. She has incredible attack, HP, and speed, which makes her incredibly lethal, especially if she can be set up with Dance Swords. Her Dragon/Ground combination makes her doubly weak to ice, but also gives her a stab at Earthquake, allowing her to utilize one of the most powerful attack types in the game.

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Pseudo Legendary Pokémon Tier List (2023)