How to get the Kitty/Cat crosshair in Valorant

One crosshair that is the current obsession of the Valorant community for its cuteness is the Kitty or Cat crosshair. As the name suggests, the crosshair mimics the shape of a cat’s face with eyes and ears. To design a Kitty / Cat crosshair in Valorant, you must run internal fontsAnd external linesand even the central point of your crosshair settings.

Brave kitty cross symbol

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

The easiest way to get the Cat/Kitty cross is to copy the following code.

  • Code: 0; P; c; 4; h; 0; d; 1; z; 3; f; 0; m; 1; 0t; 10; 0l; 0; 0v; 3; 0g; 1; 0o; 1; 0a; 1; 0f; 0; 1t; 9; 1v; 0; 1g; 1; 1o; 3; 1a; 1; 1m; 0; 1f; 0

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Valorant Kitty / Cat Crosshair Settings

General crosshair settings

the color Code #FFFF00
Outline turning off
Outline opacity
Outline thickness
point center on me
point center blackout 1
point center thickness 3
Override shooting error offset with crosshair offset on me
Go over all the basic crosshairs with my offset crosshairs turning off

internal fonts

Show inner lines on me
Darken the inner line 1
Inner line length L-0, R-3
inner line thickness 10
Inner line offset 1
Motion error turning off
Error launch turning off

external lines

Show outlines on me
Darken the outer line 1
The length of the outer line L-2, R-0
outer line thickness 9
Offset of the outer line 3
Motion error turning off
Error launch turning off

Is the kitty/cat crossover a good one?

Surprisingly, the Kitty crosshair is a very good and effective crosshair from what we tested. We initially thought the design would be a distraction. Instead, it never comes in the way and feels natural. We highly recommend this crosshair to players looking for a cute crosshair that can also shoot.

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How to get the Kitty/Cat crosshair in Valorant