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A fundraiser was held by a group of Newton-le-Willows residents to install a memorial bench for a well-known neighbour, who had died.

Ste Richard Glover, of Lloyd Crescent, has recently died at the age of 70.

His neighbor Ange Baldwin was heartbroken by Saint’s death and was determined to make sure her “dear friend” was remembered.

The couple met while walking their dogs, Milo anderret, and instantly became friends.

Ang said: “I met Ste anderret about five years ago. Since then, our friendship has grown, as we used to walk and chat while we walked the dogs.

erret wouldn’t let him rest and told him to go for walks about 10 times a day, so because of this Ste met a lot of the community while walking a lot.

He used to say he loved walking to Earlstown and sitting on the benches outside Wilco to watch the world go by.

“Everyone knows Ste and his dog; it was for me the community around us that many people said helped them.

St. Helens Star: Ste was well known in the community as many locals saw him out for a walkSte was well known in the community as many locals saw him out for a walk (Photo: Ang Baldwin)

“He used to ask about you and how things were in your life, so he was a shoulder and ear to a lot of the locals; he loved being a big part of the community.

“He liked to laugh and smile and sometimes eclipsed his student’s sense of humor.

“I classified him as my dear friend.”

St Helens Star: Ang and Ste have been best friends for five yearsAang and Stet have been best friends for five years (Photo: Ang Baldwin)

Separated from his partner during lockdown and the death of his daughter, walking has become more important to him.

Ang described him as a “friend to turn to” as neighbors met regularly for coffee and a chat.

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Ste’s influence on Ange’s life made Ange determined to honor him after his death, as other locals joined her in her mission.

Ang added: “So Michelle Davies and her family, who is also a good neighbor and friend of Ste’s, and I came up with the idea of ​​honoring him with a bench at his favorite walking spot, The Dingle Common, so all his friends could chat and think about him.”

“He deserves to be remembered by the community. He will be missed by many. Rest in peace mister.”

The date of the saint’s funeral has not yet been arranged.

A Gound Me fundraising page was created for the memorial platform, with posters to distribute in the community.

To donate, visit the page here.