Destiny 2: How to ‘Visit a Weapons Expert’

Shortly after completing If You Choose to Accept It, Partour, the Guardians will be tasked with visiting a Weapons Expert. Longtime Destiny 2 players should recognize who this is right away. However, with so many New Lights joining the sci-fi looter shooter, these Kinderguardians may not know who they’re looking for.

Where to find a weapons expert in Destiny 2

There was only one weapons expert in Destiny 2, and that was it Banshee-44. Everyone’s favorite Exo can be found in the tower, just to the right of the main casting site. Banshee-44 should be the daily acquaintance of all Guardians as it dispenses daily and weekly tasks that reward upgrade materials. He also sells two copies of randomly selected weapon mods every day.

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Banshee-44 has been around since day one of the original Destiny. Even the Gunsmith had a fair amount of knowledge devoted to him when the Beyond Light expansion dropped. It actually fits in very well with Season of the Seraph as Clovis Bray excels greatly either way. The reason it’s so apt is that Banshee-44 is actually Clovis-1. After resetting itself 43 times during the Vex invasion, Clovis-1 chooses to erase all of its memories to forget what a monster it was. Thus, Banshee-44 was born. Even though his long-term memory is damaged forever, this Exo knows his craft better than anything else.

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Destiny 2: How to ‘Visit a Weapons Expert’