How to make a catapult in survival game – Roblox

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Survival is a Roblox survival experience where players are spread across an archipelago full of islands, and must collect resources, craft items, and survive as long as possible. It can be unforgiving if you fall prey to greedy looters. Besides your steel armor and improved weapons, crafting static weapons like ballistas will greatly strengthen your base. These large crossbows do massive damage, but can be a bit tricky to maneuver. In this guide, we will tell you how you can make a Ballista in Survival Game in Roblox.

How to get a catapult in survival game – Roblox

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The Ballista is a crafting weapon that you first need to unlock by building other structures from the Structures tab in your building menu. To do this, open your building menu by selecting Hammer purpose. Then go to structures Tab and build a wooden post, a stone wall, a stone window, a stone floor, and then a castle wall. After building the castle wall, you will have unlocked catapult. To build it, you will need 10 planksAnd Six wooden stickAnd 10 rope.

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After building Ballista, you also need to craft ballista bolts To be able to use the weapon. Requires one Ballista Bolt One iron bar to produce. Iron bars can be made in Ironorge using iron ores.

How to use ballista in survival game – Roblox

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Ballista Bolts require the weapon to fire. To use it, just walk over it to control. The path of the bolt will be marked with a white line. You aim the ballista with your action keys, and you use the left mouse button to shoot. It can be a little tricky to use, but a single hit from the Ballista can deal an enormous amount of damage, making the enemy think twice about getting close. Line up your castle walls with Ballistas to deter enemy attacks, or simply to assert server dominance.

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How to craft a ballista in The Survival Game – Roblox