A mom is raising an Alder Center after losing her two-year-old son to a virus !

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Staff at Alder Hey’s Bereavement Center have gone “extremely extreme” for a St Helens family after a two-year-old boy was unable to fight off a viral infection.

Born prematurely at 23 weeks, Jacob Murphy “fought for his life” for five months and was eventually released from the hospital as a “strong little boy” who could go on to live a normal life.

His mother, Chelsea, said the “happy, bright little boy” lit up every room he entered, and he loved to sing and dance to his favorite songs.

However, Jacob returned to hospital after contracting adenovirus in 2019 and spent three weeks in Alder Hey fighting the disease.

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St. Helen Star: Jacob was born prematurely and his weak lungs couldn't fight off the virusJacob was born prematurely and his weak lungs could not fight the virus (Photo: Chelsea Murphy)

With complications arising from his weak and premature lungs, the two-year-old unfortunately was unable to fight off the virus and died in January 2020.

After Jacob’s death, he spent two weeks at Alder Hay, the Alder Centre, where the staff went “extremely great lengths” to care for him and the grieving family.

This all-encompassing support, at a time when they needed it most, is why Chelsea are now fundraising for the Alder Center to show their gratitude.

A memorial event, which will see family and friends march from St Helens to the Alder Center in Liverpool, is planned for May on Jacob’s sixth birthday.

St Helens Star: Chelsea and JacobChelsea and Jacob (Photo: Chelsea Murphy)

Chelsea said: “The people working at the Alder Center took great care of not only Jacob but all of us as a family.

“They took care of us with so much care and love, and Jacob always seemed so relaxed. We always got the time we needed and wanted with him.

“The staff went above and beyond for us and always called to check on me, even after his funeral.

“They gave me memories that I was able to keep with me forever.”

St Helens Star: Jacob has been described as a happy, bright little boyJacob has been described as a happy, bright little boy (Photo: Chelsea Murphy)

After her experience, Chelsea not only wants to raise money for the Alder Center but also awareness of the support it provides to families who have lost children.

The 27-year-old, who also has a young daughter, added: “I couldn’t have asked for better people to look after us at that time.

“I really want to give something back for them and bring it to the parents who might be visiting the Alder Centre, as it is a warm place and although it is sad, they are definitely in good hands.”

To support Chelsea’s fundraiser, you can donate to the Alder Center on her holiday page here.