The St Helens Young Carers Center receives the donation from Hardshaw Lodge !

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A team dedicated to supporting young carers in St. Helens has received a donation for its efforts in the community.

The team at St Helens Young Carers Centre, which forms part of the charity St Helens Carers Centre, were awarded a check as Hardshaw Lodge acknowledged the staff’s commitment to supporting carers in the area.

Darrenorshaw, Master of Hardshaw Lodge No 8722, and Charity Officer Brian Moore contacted the St Helens Young Carers Center on Cotham Street to present Lorraine Pennington, the head of the centre, with a check for £250 to help support the work the team is doing.

Lauren said: “The continued support we have received from Hardshaw Lodge is greatly appreciated by all of our young carers, staff and volunteers here at St Helens Carers Centre.

“Our aim is to provide young carers aged 6-21 with a package of support that will ultimately reduce the impact of care so that they can access social opportunities and pursue their aspirations in life.

“Through the funding we receive from external carers, such as Hardshaw Lodge, we are able to provide ongoing and ongoing support for young carers in St Helens.

“It has been difficult to raise funds in the current climate, so we are sincerely grateful for all of their support.”

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Darren added: “These are wonderful children and teens who put their families first. They are not being recognized and we hope young carers in St Helens can recognize and support more.

“We are honored and proud to support them.”

The independent registered charity was set up in 2000 and has been supporting unregistered carers in the area ever since.

It was formed to provide a meeting point for young and adult carers in St Helens and to improve information and services.

The Young Carers team consists ofamily Support Officers, an Outreach Worker such as Elenioskett, an Activities Coordinator and a Service Manager.

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