Hundreds show their support for Johnny Vegas after a tweet on Crosby Beach !

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Johnny Vegas from St Helens was flooded with messages on social media yesterday after he spoke out about his concerns.

The beloved comedian and actor, whose real name is Michael Pennington, shared a touching tweet on Crosby Beach Sunday afternoon (Jan. 15).

“So the tide came in and said ‘Oh soft boy, give us all these worries about everything and nothing and I’ll bring them back with me,'” he wrote.

“As always, thank you Crosby. It’s been a busy day with a big head busy but everything is great now.”

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St. Helens Star: Anthony Gormley's cast-iron statues line the beaches in CrosbyCast iron statues of Anthony Gormley line Crosby’s beaches (Photo: Johnny Vegas)

“Take care of yourself, fella.”

With over 529,000 followers on Twitter, Johnny’s post has been shared and viewed over a million times on the social media platform, with hundreds of people responding with messages of love and support.

Many have pointed out Anthony Gormley’s cast iron statues on the tranquil beach, with one user saying it was their “favorite place to forget it all”.

Another follower wrote: “The sea always makes me feel better too, nothing like a new perspective on the world.”

One fan said, “Love this, I know exactly what it feels like to have a big busy head. Let the waves deal with the scares.”

Another said, “Take care of yourself fella. You give so much fun and laughter to our lives, make sure you give yourself some precious time too.”

Another user wrote: “I hope you are well Johnny. Looks like a great place to clear your mind. I’ll have to visit there myself too.”

Diagnosing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Last week, Johnny appeared on BBC Breakfast saying he had been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The comedian said he discovered the diagnosis before Christmas, which can affect behavior and focus, and lead to fidgeting and acting impulsively.

The 52-year-old said the diagnosis “answers a lot of questions about the behavioral problems” he has.

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St Helens Star: Johnny Vegas announces his ADHD diagnosis on BBC BreakfastJohnny Vegas announced his ADHD diagnosis on BBC Breakfast (Image: BBC Breakfast)

He told the BBC: “In some ways you can go back and look at it with regret, but I’ve lived a bit of a charmed life so I have no regrets.

“I know now and it helps you make changes, I think, where you want to become more responsible later in life. I don’t see it defining me.”