Gays love Hasbro’s new reimagined game characters

Hasbro has released a reimagined version of its classic board game ideaand the updated characters cause a sensation!

The release follows modern versions of classic whodunnit stories such as Take out the knives Movies adapted from Agatha Christie novels, gay Twitter agrees to rebrand.

The idea behind the characters remains the same, and players can choose to play as Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mayor Green, Chef White, Solicitor Peacock, or Professor Plum as you discover their background and uncover their secrets.

D&D Journalist Christian Hofer tweeted, “Hasbro’s new version of Clue officially comes out today and I look forward to a generation of kids referring to the new Chef White as their sexual awakening.”

His remarks were echoed by many, with a direct response to him saying, “Wait, they’re out Clue: bisexual panic Release?”

Another said, “What is your sexual orientation?” *drops idea On the table*.”

The official Mr. Monopoly account had some thoughts, saying, “I think there’s a hot new grandpa in town.”

As the conversation continued and many discussed heels on Solicitor Peacock, Hoover said, “I haven’t received a review copy from Clue, so I can’t confirm if ‘stomping on me’ is a potential weapon right now. I’ll assume that until it’s stated otherwise.”

The intent of the game remains true to the original. According to the product description, six guests arrive at Boddy Black’s mansion, and none of them know what to expect. A sinister blackmail scheme ends up killing the host, and the race to find the killer begins.

Some of the other changes include articles on Boddy Black’s desk revealing the ways he blackmails each character as well as the addition of “Clue Cards” to speed up evidence collection and offer an advantage over other players.

You can buy the rebranded brand idea board game in Amazon Walmart.

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