For Honor Tier List (Jan 2023) Top Characters

One of the reasonsor Honor is such a popular game is the balance between the characters. Every time the developers update the character list, they ensure that each hero has a counter, and no character dominates over the others. However, there will always be characters who outshine the majority. They are considered by players in the meta and used in competitive games. This article will give you an updated list of characters inor Honor.

S-Tier characters inor Honor

Personal Name Writes
Conqueror heavy
Jiang Jun heavy
Kyoshin hybrid
Nobushi hybrid
shinobi killer
the Prince of war heavy
Warmongers forefront

A-Tier characters inor Honor

Personal Name Writes
Berserker killer
Black Prior heavy
Hitokiri heavy
Kensi forefront
Noxia killer
Shaolin hybrid
Shugoki heavy

B-Tier characters inor Honor

Personal Name Writes
Griffon hybrid
Highlander hybrid
Jormungander heavy
rider forefront
Shaman killer
Xanhou killer

C-Tier characters inor Honor

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Personal Name Writes
Centurion hybrid
Orochi killer
preserve peace killer
Valkyrie hybrid

D-Tier characters inor Honor

Personal Name Writes
wrestler killer
Tiandi forefront
guard forefront

E-Tier characters inor Honor

Personal Name Writes
aramusha hybrid
Lawyer hybrid

Honors List System

  • S-class: This level contains the best of the best. or Honor is a skill-based game that requires you to learn the ins and outs of winning, but these characters will give you an edge in combat. Opponents facing you will have an uphill battle if they have a lower level fighter.
  • A-class: These characters may not be the cream of the crop like S-Tier characters, but they still have a solid chance in combat against them. They sit one step above the top performers only because they are one stat behind or because some of their abilities aren’t as flashy.
  • B- class: Heroes of this level have some attributes that it lacks compared to higher levels. These characters are still not flawed, but you need to be mindful of the opponents you will face.
  • C-class: This list of levels is a selection of characters in the middle of the road. They’re not the worst you can pick, but many other characters will outdo them. We recommend that you only play these characters if you have to and choose your opponents carefully.
  • D-class: These characters are, in our opinion, below average. You usually shouldn’t pick them unless you know what you’re doing with them and which opponent you’re going to engage with. ighting with them will be an uphill battle because many other characters will easily outsmart them.
  • F-class: The characters on this list are already at the bottom of the barrel. You should avoid picking, at all costs. And if you are lucky enough to see them compete against you, you can count on having an easy time fighting against them.

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For Honor Tier List (January 2023) best characters