All weaknesses and counters in Pokemon are of the Ice type

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The Ice Type is one of the weaker defensively Pokémon in the series but has a good offensive presence. Terastalization Ice Pokémon helps out greatly due to the fact that they can keep their STAB while also being able to become a more defensive type. An increase in their snow defense gives them some survivability but sometimes it’s too little and it’s too late. Using ice types can be tricky due to how common type weaknesses are in Pokémon movement items but this guide should help. These are all strengths and weaknesses of Ice Type Pokémon as well as the best facing Pokémon.

What is weak ice in Pokemon?

Ice has four weaknesses, which makes it difficult to deal with. This is higher than the amount of weaknesses of the Bug Type Pokémon but still works much better than the Bug. or super effective damage, players should use:

  • fire – 2x
  • fighting – 2x
  • Stone – 2x
  • Solid – 2x

What Ice Type Pokémon are immune to in Pokémon?

Ice Type Pokémon have no immunities and will take damage from any moves. In the older generations, they would have taken damage from Hail but the ninth generation replaced the effects of Hail with snow.

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What is Ice strong against in Pokemon?

Offensively, Ice Type’s moves are very powerful due to the number of Pokémon they can deal super effective damage to. Ice type moves will deal high potency damage to:

  • airline – 2x
  • herb – 2x
  • my land – 2x
  • the Dragon – 2x

Defensively, Ice Type Pokémon will only take less damage than ice moves. It’s their lack of type resistances that makes it difficult to play with ice types because they can’t transform into moves without taking a lot of damage.

What are the best counters for ice types in Pokemon?

When fighting Ice Type Pokémon or countering Ice Type moves, these types will take less damage:

  • fire – 1/2
  • Water – 1/2
  • ice – 1/2
  • Solid – 1/2

This makes bothire and Steel Type Pokémon the best counters for fighting Ice Type Pokémon. This is because both types can deal very effective damage to ice-type Pokemon and will also deal reduced damage from stabbing moves. kingambitAnd SkellidergeAnd Quaquaval They are great counters for Ice Type Pokémon and have great stats to handle even non-resistive moves.

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All Ice Type Pokémon Weaknesses and Counters