Where to find the guest house of Al-Satiq in the DMZ

In Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ, there are several ways to earn cash, weapons, and other valuable loot items. One of the many ways to get good loot quickly in the game is to open locked stashes using their keys. These can be buildings, rooms, or even small loot stashes.

Sattiq Guest Quarters main location in Warzone 2 DMZ

Satiq guest quarters is a locked room located in Satiq cave complex, a point of interest in the west of the farm and next to the river. In the first picture shown above, you can see the exact location of the room on the map. It is located at the bottom of a cliff and does not appear on the players tac map.

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If you have the key to the Sattiq Guest Quarters, you can visit this loot store to get some decent loot. Inside the room, you will find a supply chest, equipped weapon, and various other valuables. There are many armored robots in the area. Therefore, clear the surrounding area of ​​any anti-base soldiers before attempting to open the door.

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Where to find Sattiq Guest Quarters in DMZ