The tallest characters in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact boasts of a huge roster of characters that is constantly growing as more updates come out. Each character has different stats, skills, and elemental attributes. One particular characteristic to consider when choosing who to play, apart from these, is height.

Why does character height matter in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, a character’s height affects more than just their appearance. It also greatly affects their ability to explore places. Taller characters climb faster, can swim farther, and are sometimes the only characters who can collect portholes.

Since the game uses a limited number of character models, some characters may be as tall or short as others. Here is a quick list of the tallest characters in Genshin Impact. Note that these numbers are mostly based on ratings and feedback from players in the game. HoYoverse has yet to disclose the official heights of all their characters.

What are the tallest Genshin Impact characters?

Arataki Itto (191.9 cm)

Image via HoYoverse

Despite being an intimidating figure who outshines others, Itto is a happy oni with a sense of justice. He is the boss of the Arataki gang of Hanamizaka, but he loves to play with the Inazuma kids.

Tartaglia (187.0 cm)

Genshin Impact Tartalia
Image via HoYoverse

A boisterous character known as Childe, Tartaglia is the eleventh of the Eleven Harbingers of theatui. He is a native of Snezhnaya. And although it looks cheerful, it is considered dangerous and cunning.

Thomas (185.8 cm)

Genshin Impact Thoma
Image via HoYoverse

Thoma is a housekeeper of the Kamisato Clan who meets a traveler in Inazuma. Known as theixer, he is friendly and is the person people run to when they have problems. He is responsible and has a serious attitude that allows him to work with certain characters properly, such as Ayaka.

Zhongli (186.8 cm)

Jinxin Impact Zhongli
Image via HoYoverse

Zhongli is a consultant at Wangshenguneral Parlor with a long history. He created Mora long ago, but after he chooses to live as a human, he often forgets his wallet because he knows its value. He is unaware of the realities of living as a human being.

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Kaeya (186.0 cm)

Genshin Impact Kaya
Image via HoYoverse

Kaya Alberich is the captain of the Knights ofavonius, as a charismatic leader and expert on the battlefield. He likes to put people in tight spaces just to see how they react. He is Deloque’s adoptive brother and Jan Gunhildr’s trusted assistant.

Diluc (185.0 cm)

Genshin Impact Delok
Image via HoYoverse

Deloc Ragnfinder was a noble by birth, and was the cavalry captain of the Knights ofavonius until his father’s death. Dawn Winery owns and is the owner and bartender of the Angel’s Share pub despite his dislike of wine. He protects Münstadt at night as the “hero of the dark night”.

Kamisato Ayato (182 cm)

Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayato
Image via HoYoverse

Despite being the head of the Kamisato clan and Yashiro’s commissioner, Ayato rarely comes out in public. He is a humble character who is very protective of his sister, Ayaka. He uses the Hydro element and is a powerful DPS character.

Kujo Sarah (178.1 cm)

Genshin Impact Kujo Sara
Image via HoYoverse

Sara is currently the tallest female character in Genshin Impact, and is known for her speed and her sword and bow fighting skills. She is the chairwoman of the Tenryu Committee, and bears the blood of a tengu. She proves her strength through her victories in duels against Ito and Kazuha’s friend.

Rosaria (175.5 cm)

Genshin Impact Rosaria
Image via HoYoverse

Rosaria, an unpredictable woman, is a sister at theavonius Church in Mönstadt. She dislikes the church’s activities, often preferring to focus on eliminating threats to the city instead. She is often seen as cold and ruthless and is very good with knives.

Shinhee (175.3 cm)

Jinshin Impact Shinhee
Image via HoYoverse

Born into a family of exorcists, Shenhe is the disciple of the Cloud Retainer. She wields a heavy pole and uses her Cryo elemental abilities to defeat opponents. While she has little understanding of human customs, she does her best to live properly among humans.

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Raiden Shogun (174.7 cm)

Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun
Image via HoYoverse

Raiden Shogun, also known as Electro Archon, is the most respected character in Inazuma. She is obsessed with immortality and actively pursues it. She refuses to listen to her people, which causes conflicts. Despite this, many still revere her as their leader.

Lisa (174.6 cm)

Genshin Impact Lisa
Image via HoYoverse

Despite her relaxed and easygoing attitude, Lisa Minsei is a powerful witch who has been considered the best student at Sumeru Academia for centuries. She works as a librarian in the library of the Knights ofavonius and takes a special interest in the books in the bound section. She has a close relationship with Jane.

Jean (173.9 cm)

Genshin Impact Gen
Image via HoYoverse

Jan Gunhilder is known as the “Knight of Dandelion” to the Knights ofavonius. She is also the acting Grand Master. She usually puts other people’s needs before her own. And whenever she needs to take a break, she goes to her younger sister, Barbara, who is a deacon at theavonius Church.

Yola (173.6 cm)

Genshin Impact first
Image via HoYoverse

Eola Lawrence is a senior member of the Knights ofavonius. She is a descendant of the Lawrence Clan, a notorious aristocratic family in Mönchadt. However, she admitted her clan’s wrongdoings, and severed her relationship with them because of it. She is known as the Spindrift Knight and is the captain of the Knights ofavonius reconnaissance company.

Ningwang (173.4 cm)

Ningguang Jinxin effect
Image via HoYoverse

Known as the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing, Ningguang has a strong influence on the nation. She is a businesswoman who prioritizes what is best for Liyue and her people. She embodies law and order throughout the region, and will not hesitate to do whatever it takes to keep it safe from enemies.

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Tallest Characters in Genshin Impact