The award ceremony was held at the Pennsylvania State Museum

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (WHTM) — Community members were honored Sunday for their service to others.

The Writers Workshop strives to create a better community through writing, spoken word reading, and education.

On Sunday, they held an award ceremony at the Penn State Museum honoring those who act in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Today we decided to be in the spirit of Dr. King by honoring those unsung heroes in our community who make a difference every single day. In the spirit of Dr. King, these are the people who aren’t looking for accolades or pressure, they just do the work. So, we’re delighted,” said Principal Nathaniel Gadsden. So much to be able to honor 10 people from our community who really deserve it.

Sunday’s honorees were writers, pastors, community activists and entrepreneurs who are giving back to the Harrisburg area.